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The call for Hindu unity across the globe

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A person who believes in youth upliftment. A youth activist and a Hindu nationalist. A one who strongly believes in Hindu Unity.

Today we are in such a position where religious intolerance is at peak and wars and killings in the name of religion is increasing. At such a crucial period, it is the duty of all the Hindus to unite because if now we won’t then it would be never. We all know what our Hindu sisters and brothers are experiencing in the state of Bangladesh. We still haven’t forgotten the scars of the 1971 Bengali Hindu Genocide. We all are able to hear what our community is facing in the state of Pakistan. At first I was really confused that whether CAA was a right move or not. But now, my views are clear.

The BJP’s decision on bringing CAA is one of the best decision ever taken by a ruling party in India. Kudos to Amit Shah Ji. The Hindu Community is a peace loving community which is not involved in any violence taking place at any part of the globe. But the brutal killings of Hindu people raises a big question mark, whether the Hindus should remain silent or raise their voice. The Hindus should unite and some knowledgeable Hindus should share their vision of Hindu Unity and how every Hindu should protect their culture and religion. We should not forget that we belong from a community which had brave warriors like Maharana Pratap and Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

A question arises, how Hindus can unite and who is going to do it and what is to be done after we get unite?

Interesting question. Now if we talk that how can we get united, first we should start talking about our rich Hindu Culture among our family members, then in our neighbourhoods and then among anyone who is a Hindu. If we say that who is going to do it, the answer would be YOU. If we start from ourselves then definitely we would start connecting the dots and the day wouldn’t be far away where we can see that around 100 crore Hindu people stand together. Now, if we say that what should be done after all Hindus get united, my answer would be, let’s start knowing about our Religion first. Let’s start reading our religious books. Let’s start to explore what our brave Hindu warriors did at their time.

Let’s make a habit of reading at least one article a day which showcases the rich Hindu culture. Let’s start visiting Hindu pilgrimages. Lets peacefully protest against anything which might hurt the Hindu sentiments. Let’s start watching movies like TANHAJI which showcases how our Hindu warriors were capable of fighting with all the enemies who came on their way. Let’s proudly say that, ‘ I AM A PROUD HINDU’ whenever we travel to any foreign country. Let’s start to write articles on Hindu Unity. These small baby steps would lead to an environment where all Hindus would be united.

We want a world where our Hindu community is staying peacefully. Let’s not have any kind of hatred against any other community but at the same time if any community is trying to threaten our people, let’s not stay silent and protest in a democratic manner. Let the world hear the voice of the Hindu community. 

The leaders of the ruling party of India generally uses a slogan a lot, which is, ‘JAI SHREE RAM’. This must be a slogan for all the Hindu people. Let us get inspired from the bravery of Shri Ram, and let’s proudly chant, ‘ JAI SHREE RAM’.

I hope that my article acts as an eye opener for all the Hindu people across the globe and it helps them to understand the need of coming together and getting united. 

In the Mahabharata there is a popular Sanskrit phrase, ‘DHARMO RAKSHATI RAKSHITAH’. It means, “those who protect Dharma are protected by the Dharma”. Let’s follow it. 


Written by Raunak Das

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A person who believes in youth upliftment. A youth activist and a Hindu nationalist. A one who strongly believes in Hindu Unity.
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