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Debunking Aryan Invasion Theory

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The Aryan Invasion Theory had been the political tool of leftists to defame Hindus by creating rift between the imaginary Aryan and Dravidian races. Let’s take some of the evidences that are in favor of Aryan Invasion theory and discuss them.

There were no chariots found in Indian subcontinent that were mentioned in Hindu scriptures. They were brought from Central Asia.

The Sinnauli civilization was found near Uttar Pradesh which was much older than the Indus Valley Civilization. It had chariots. The Sinauli Chariot has copper triangular reinforcements on the wheels, which can be vaguely called as spokes (ara), though not the kind of spokes understood in the spoked wheel chariots. These copper triangles give good integrity to the wheels and make it durable and are not meant for mere decoration.

The Sinnauli civilization was related to Indus Valley Civilization?

The Sinnauli civilization was Vedic civilization.

The Aryans came from Central Asia and Europe and brought Vedas and other scriptures with them.

If that is the reason then they should mentioned ancient Greek cities. Why have they mentioned Indian cities?

The Hindu Gods and Greeks Gods are similar.

Even Hindu Gods and Japanese Gods are similar. Does it means the Japanese are also Aryan people?

Sayan Mukherjee (सायन मुखर्जी)’s answer to What are the similarities between Indian culture and Japanese culture?

The Indus Valley Civilization peoppe spoke proto Dravidian language and were not Hindus.

The Indus Valley Civilization people spoke proto Dravidian language but worship Hindu Gods. It contradicts the assumption that Dravidians were not Hindus.

The Sanskrit language is similar to Russian and Central Asian language.

There are mentioned that fighters from Yemen and Greece came to fight in the war of Mahabharata. Isn’t it possible our culture influenced theirs instead of their influencing ours?

The North Indians are fair and South Indians aren’t fair as compared them.

The difference in complexion among the Indians follow the most common pattern. The country in the Northern Hemisphere, the Southern parts of the subcontinent, bring closer to the equator experience more heat as compared to the northern parts. Hence, the complexion of Indians gradually gets lighter as one moves from extreme South to extreme North.


The Aryan Invasion Theory was tool for the Britishers to defend their narrative of being foreigners and invaders and justifying the same with Hindus. The term Aryan is western. The Sanskrit term is Aryan and Arya doesn’t equate to being a race as the English historians mention. Aryan simply means noble person.

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