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False correlation between a religion and a political party: Strategy to make a religion dead

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The whole effort is to reduce the activities of a religion to and as political campaign or work of a party. Whenever someone tries to take a stand for Hinduism, he is immediately associated to BJP or RSS. Whole focus shifts from the main issue to the political debate.

Hinduism is not BJP neither vice versa. It is the interest that the political leaders of BJP have shown for the upliftment of Hindus from time to time that makes Hindus take side with them more often. They don’t have any copyright over Hinduism. They know this; We know this. Still the Game of false correlation is played every day.

Way 1 of Correlation

In the first method; the way is to insult, abuse, ridicule and demean Hinduism and shift the onus on BJP saying that this all was for BJP. This is not any coincidence but rather a well planned strategy to stop Hindus from reacting. The plan is to attack Hinduism and Hindus on every front and show it as it was on BJP so that Hindus don’t react and destroy them masquerading as political opponents of BJP.

In the western media Hindus are portrayed as the Nazi Army of PM Modi who is allegedly oppressing Muslims in India. Across the globe, somehow, Muslims have copyright over victimhood. Same is the case in India.

Media, academia and opposition parties select (or make) some incidents of crime against Muslims and paint it as the ‘Will of Hindu Society’. When confronted, they escape by saying India is a democracy and we have a right to question and criticise the ruling party, we were doing that only! “We are against Hindutva” is their catchy phrase.

Noticable point here is, in all such instances, the constitution is quoted. Specially the article 19(1)(a) i.e. Freedom of Expression. This is the pattern, a part of strategy.

Way 2 of Correlation

Hindu society is facing existential and identity crisis in India and across the world. There are countless such incidents happening all over India; e.g.-

  1. Attacks on Sadhus
  2. Attacks on Temples and Murthis being stolen
  3. Attacks on Traditions and Festivals
  4. Hindu girls being targeted through Love Jihaad
  5. Exodus of Hindus from several places
  6. Discrimination towards Hindus by Indian State

In this method; whenever the vigilant Hindus put any of the following issue on table, instead of addresing the issue, it is called the political move of BJP aimed at gaining electoral benefits.

The Hindu community in India is denied it’s basic fundamental rights and security. They are on their own! This is also evident by the slogans raised from time to time.

There was a slogan when Kanshiram and Mulayam Singh had collaborated back in 1993 – “Mile Mulayam Kanshiram, Hawa Ho Gaye Jai Shri Ram”. This is supposed to be a political slogan against BJP but in real nothing less than a hate against Hindus. Evident as Mulayam Singh had massacred Hindus during Ram Mandir campaign.

Recently during Delhi riots in 2020, we heard the slogans – “Hindutva Ki Kabr Khudegi AMU Ki Dharti Par” and “Hindutva Se Azadi”.

In a farmer protest in 2018, there emerged a slogan – “Na Modi Na Yogi Na Jai Shri Ram, Desh Pe Raj Karenge Majdoor, Kisaan”. This is probably from CPI.

This strategy is very well crafted. Firstly any kind of vigilant activity from Hindu society is linked to BJP and taken as a political move; the seperation of Hinduism and Hinudtva is another front of war.

Now, whatever they* have to say and do against Hindus and Hinduism, they do it openly and shift it on and against Hindutva. They do it very easily because they have successfully misinformed everyone that Hindutva is the Political Ideology of BJP and RSS. This is same pill but with Ideological flavour.

Hindutva is shown as a violent anti-Muslim force by the well established leftist Media portals and with the support of their Nexus consisting actors, writers, poets, journalists, political leaders, activists, lawyers and professors etc.

They openly attack Hinduism and put it on Hindutva or BJP/RSS and say shamelessly that this is not against Hindus or Hinduism but it is against the violent side of Hinduism. Now, what they refer to when they say “Violent side of Hinduism”, is, the reactionary behavior of Hindus of not letting anyone do or say anything against Hinduism. Demanding equal rights for themselves is other half of it.

The reactionary behavior of Hindus of not letting anyone insult, mock, attack and demean Hinduism and demanding equal rights for themselves; This is basically the definition of Hindutva in short.

And YES! Demanding equal religious rights and Right to Defend one’s religion is something which is called the violent side of Hindus. When they oppose and want to diminish Hindutva, they are basically threatening Hindus and denying them their rights.

They want an India without Hindutva which basically means Hindus without Self-defense, Political Representation and Religious Rights so that they can Destroy Hinduism. When a Religion loses its Institutions, Priestly Class, Traditions and a Society loses Political Representation, Religious Freedom and right to Self Defense; they march forward on the path of Self-Destruction.

Hindutva, according to Veer Savarkar, is political representation of Hinduism. Hindus should also have the right to represent themselves on the political discourse. They should have a say in the making of laws and decisions which are going to affect them.

Hindutva is a part and form of Hinduism. It isn’t the political ideology of BJP/RSS. Since only they have helped Hindus on many occasions, Hindus lean towards them but that does not mean Hindus have handed over their religion to a political party.

This narrative of false correlation should be opposed. Attack or criticise BJP/RSS “Directly” if one wants to do so. Don’t let anyone bring Hinduism in between. Don’t let anyone attack on Hinduism masquerading as the political opponent of BJP or as an Atheist. If possible, file a case against them.

*They mean ‘Anti-Hindu Forces’.

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