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maligning Veer Savarkar

Parsing the drivel and the delirium-I

If India were to be under an alien yoke today, Rahul and his gaggle would probably be in some fashionable neighbourhood in London.

Forgotten Heroes-I: VD Savarkar

In this article, an eminent personality and grassroots worker who lived his youth years in Andman jail, Vinayak Damodar Das Savarkar will be discussed.

“मैं विनायक दामोदर सावरकर बोल रहा हूँ”

अंडमान जाते हुए मुझे मेरी 16 वर्ष की आयु में ली गई प्रतिज्ञा आज भी याद की "अपनी मातृभूमि को दासत्व से मुक्त कराने की प्रतिज्ञा"।

Why Hindutva is the biggest anti-caste force of India and how Veer Savarkar was the pioneer of it

Hindutva has been and is far from casteism another proof of this is that so many Ddalits and OBCs vote for BJP!

The Triangle:- Savarkar, Gandhi & Ambedkar

Savarkar is wrongly credited or criticized for introducing the concept of ethnocentric Hindutva in India. It was Chandranath Basu (1844-1910), a Bengali litterateur, who first coined the term Hindutva in 1892 in his writing.

False correlation between a religion and a political party: Strategy to make a religion dead

Whenever someone tries to take a stand for Hinduism, he is immediately associated to BJP or RSS. Whole focus shifts from the main issue to the political debate.

#VeerSavarkar could have well been called ‘Vidvaan Savarkar’

Veer Savarkar more widely known for his acts of valour was a giant amongst intellectuals, fit to be also called 'Vidvan Savarkar.

Which way to Freedom?

So far as the intellectual space is concerned, the books written by Savarkar pave the way to true freedom and provide a start.

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