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Congress: Staring at bleak future

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“Mistakes happen, that’s life. Repeat the same mistake, that’s stupidity” – Unknown

In Indian elections, most of the time a party wins because of the mistakes of the opponent. In 2014, Congress lost because there was so much public anger against the party. Congress earned its defeat due to its massive corruption, arrogance, excessive minority appeasement, and its tacit support to anti-national elements.

If there was any introspection, we would have expected Congress to have changed its attitude and faced the 2019 elections with new policies. But nothing changed, the party went to the electorate hoping that it could win with anti-incumbency BJP might face. Worse still, Rahul unleashed a dirty campaign against Modi with lies on Rafale deals. So much so that he had to offer an unconditional apology in the Supreme Court for twisting the facts. Congress was hoping that with almost the entire mainstream media supporting it, with Minority and Dalit votes, by splitting Hindu votes in the name of ‘secularism’, it could easily win. The electorate showed Congress was wrong.

One year since elections, there is absolutely no change in Congress’s attitude. It continues to support anti-India elements. Look what Congress is doing:

  • Opposes the revocation of article 370 in Kashmir.
  • Opposes the CAA that provides citizenships to affected minorities from neighbouring countries.
  • At the time of Chinese aggression, instead of showing solidarity with the government, criticises Modi.
  • Seem to be exaggerating and exploiting stray incidents in BJP ruled states and directly or indirectly contributing to the rumours spread by Lutyens media.
  • Opposes anything and everything that BJP proposes, even the legislations that were originally proposed by Congress in the past.
  • Relies only on dynasty to lead the party forever.

It appears Congress cannot come out the vicious cycle. The party seems to be guided by leftist forces that have infiltrated the party. The leaders appear determined in taking the party to ruins.

Left has been defeated state after state, now by embracing Leftist agenda, Congress is going the same way as the Left: Towards Extinction.

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