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A take on the rising anti Hindu chant

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I am in no way a political or social writer but this morning I came across an article written by Mr. Ramchandra Guha about how Rahul Gandhi cannot take on Mr. Narendra Modi as PM.

The overall theme and the conclusion of the article which really explained how Rahul Gandhi cannot be the Prime Minister of India in the future due to the lack of control over Hindi Language and his lack of eagerness to learn and the passion. Now I have been a long time believer that if Indian National Congress wants to have a playing field in the 2024 General Elections, They actually need someone else and not from the Nehru-Gandhi Family to be their leader, but they have failed to do so. I am writing today due to the main points of the article by Mr. Guha to what he sees Hindu and Hindutva as.

Right at the beginning of the articles Mr. Guha mentions this and I quote here, “Those who oppose Hindutva seek to recover the founding principles of the freedom struggle, such as religious and linguistic pluralism, gender and caste equality, a critical attitude to state power, and an open-ness to other cultures and civilizations: all principles which Hindutva threatens to abandon or overthrow”. This is really disheartening to read from one of the most acclaimed socio-political writer of all time to what he perceives of Hindutva which is clearly misunderstood and this is the first point that I want to put up in my article.

As I have been following the shift in Indian political landscape from the very beginning of BJP coming into power to Anna Hazare and to the formation of Aam Aadmi Party and to Mr. Arvind Kejriwal coming into power, I have followed everything. But in my personal experience Hindutva is being targeted by the opposition as it is some sort of disease that one needs to get rid of. As Mr. Guha mentions in his article that “the founding principles of freedom struggle like religious and linguistic pluralism and gender and caste equality, a critical attitude to state power and an open-ness to other cultures and civilizations” right from the very beginning, Hinduism and to it’s extension of Hindutva, the religion as a whole which is being targeted these days have always been historically and in the future as well will always be The guiding light towards religious and linguistic pluralism, gender and caste equality, a critical attitude to state power and an open-ness to other cultures and civilizations. After BJP came into power in 2014, the government has always fought to keep the rights to every legal and hardworking Indian, rules like Triple Talaq ban, Foreign Policy, One Nation One Pension, Full Scale Debate over Uniform Civil Code are some very bright example of it. Even the LGBT Community was given legality in India in 2018 and right after that we started to see how government introduced them into government and private sector jobs.

Hindutva and to it’s extension of Hindu and Hinduism has always been accommodating. Hindutva do not believe in forced or paid conversion of religion, It does not have the expansionism ideology like other religious groups have. Hinduism is the most sought after and tolerant religious community in the world which has always proven itself to be the guiding light towards inner peace but is also the community and the religion which is easily misunderstood.

The Second Point that I want to put forward in the article is that Mr. Guha has mentioned several times that how BJP actually targeted the leadership and Mr. Rahul Gandhi of the Indian National Congress(INC) during the election and has made references to the emergency in India or the Bofors Scam which shook the nation at the height of the Kargil War. The main thing that I want to point out in this, is the fact that BJP didn’t target the leadership of one single man but of the party as a whole largely due to the fact that not one or two of the party members of INC was related to some sort of scam but the entire party was. Now, here I want to say that not everyone in the party is bad, people like Dr. Shashi Tharoor is also an integral part of the INC and as an Indian citizen, a world renowned academic and politician, he wrote several books which are a must read.

The slogan used during the 2019 Election campaign “Chowkidar Chor Hai” against the sitting Prime Minister of the country who has been trying to make India’s image better in world eyes on an international platform is not really very good because not only it didn’t work, it backfired in the face of INC. Also a mention of how INC needs to unite with other spun off congress parties like Trinamool Congress, YSR Congress and the Nationalist Congress can actually give INC a larger foot print and a playing ground in the next general elections. This tactic is not only bad but will back fire so bad that the INC might never recover from it and my proof can be the coalition of 2019 also called the “Mahagathbandhan” during the 2019 general election that parties like BSP was virtually wiped off the map and they have slim to none chances of returning to power in the near future. With all the allegations against the parties like the recent bomb blast while a party member of Trinamool Congress was trying to make a bomb is a very fitting example here.

At the end of the article it was mentioned as how the PM has done “grievous damage” to India, to which I want to remind him as to how PM’s Make In India Campaign is coming to fruit. Here is a list of latest happening.

  1. India is the Second Largest FDI In Britain
  2. Apple Supplier Foxconn to invest in India
  3. 705 Million Dollar investment by Samsung,
  4. GWM to invest INR 7600 Crore in India
  5. Daimler and WeWork to invest more than 200 Million Dollars
  6. 1 Billion Dollar Investment by Amazon
  7. 10 Billion Dollar Investment by Google, 1.04 Lakh Crore Investments in Jio Platforms
  8. Laws like Triple Talaq, CAA, RERA Act, Article 370 Removal, Motor Vehicle Act, Weaponry for Indian Armed Forces, NEP, 7 New IITs IIMs
  9. 2nd Larger Solar Power, 2nd Largest Steel producer, 2nd Largest Mobile Manufacturer
  10. Fugitive Economic Offender Act, Reduction in Bank Non Performing Assets
  11. Clearing 2 Lakh Crore of Fuel Debt by UPA Government

And trust me the list goes on.

At the end, I want to make a quick conclusion that No, PM has not divided the country rather it is the other forces and religious extremists have divided the country and has been doing so for a very long time. India has never been better on the international front than now. Our armed forces are getting what they need and are equipped better than before. I can make this case a lot longer but I believe that the important points have been covered here. If you still cannot research and look from an open eye, I humbly request to refrain saying anything against anyone’s religious sentiments.

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