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Who is responsible for the current challenges India is facing as a nation?

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It is true that in your individual life you try to be honest with your work, with the responsibilities you have as a common man, you take care of your family and friends, sometimes you join hands to help poor people. Some of us indeed commit our lives to a social cause from time to time.

But the question is, no matter how hard we work as a community, no matter how much growth we see as an economy, we are nowhere near to find a solution for our social and national problems.

We blame our political leaders, policymakers, bureaucrats for almost everything. Yes, they are responsible for not doing their work efficiently. They are responsible for not performing their duties honestly. And everyone talks about it, our media, our leaders, intellectuals, and everyone else who has a position to do so.

But I believe the real problem lies within our society. The way we have taken everything for granted from our freedom to our fundamental rights tells so much about how ignorant we are as a community.

We know nothing about our history and our true heroes

Most of you would have seen the movie Bajirao Mastani directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Now, tell me one thing, how many of us who are not from Maharashtra ever heard about Bajirao Peshwa before this movie. A warrior who had fought 39 battles and never lost a single time. Why our historians did not mention even a word about him in our history books?

Another question here is why most of us stop learning about our history as soon as our school life ends? If we will not learn from the mistakes our ancestors made in the past, how are we supposed to make the right decisions in our present? If we will not have any idea about how courageously and valiantly our ancestors sacrificed their lives for our motherland, how on earth are we supposed to gather our courage to fight our enemies and save our nation?

Unfortunately, most of us have no interest in finding out the reasons that made us live like slaves for centuries. We don’t want to know what happened to Netaji Subhas Bose. We don’t want to understand the events that led to the partition of our great country. We don’t want to find out what is happening with our mothers and sisters in Pakistan. All we want to do is to play pubg and watch Netflix.

We know nothing about the science behind our traditions and rituals

These days you will find so many people who believe that the traditions we follow in our religious and social life are nothing but superstitions. I wonder if they have ever tried to find out that these traditions and practices are based on scientific knowledge. If one cannot comprehend this knowledge, they must realize the mistake they make every day in their lives when they laugh on our thousand years of old civilizational heritage.

Tell me one thing, people have been using cell phones for years now, do you think that all of them understand how a cell phone works? For people, it is just another miracle made possible by our technological advancements.

Yes, some things indeed become irrelevant with time, but not everything and when people make fun of our ancient traditions and symbols, we can not even explain them anything because we never invest our time to read about our religion, our culture, and everything that makes us a follower of the Sanatan Dharma.

We are losing our identity. We are allowing people to question the existence of Bhagwan Shree Ram. Some goons destroy a temple of Mata Durga, and we do nothing about it.

But why you should bother about such things, you should not. What they are doing in Kashmir, what they are doing in West Bengal, it should not concern you because you live in Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, or any other part of our country. But please tell me what do you think about how much time it will take them to reach your door and take your home if you keep living the way you are doing right now.

Think about it, gather your people, and discuss these things everywhere you can. Don’t let fear paralyze you, accept your reality, learn from your past, and move forward one step at a time.

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