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Appeal to the Head of States of OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for Reforms

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Dear Esteemed Head of all States from Islamic Nations and members of Organisation of Islamic Cooperation. Please accept my heartiest greeting on the holy month of Ramadan!

Dear Statesmen, you are presented with an opportunity to guide the world towards everlasting peace. I am presenting a case for global renaissance, spearheaded by the Islamic nations. World peace is threatened by extremism in the name of Islam and in equal measure by the appalling backlash against Muslims. Very often the Islamic nations are disproportionately the worst victims of the fanatical religious violence. My dear statesmen, you hold the keys to breaking this vicious cycle of violence and counter violence.

One principal fear that many in other countries (outside OIC) seek to stoke is that the same rules of equality, demanded by Muslims, are not guaranteed to people of other faith in all Islamic countries. It is time to prove to the world that Muslim majority countries can be as just and fair to all religions as any other nation states can possibly claim to be. This would be a giant step to mend the strained relation of hitherto theocratic states with other nations. Additionally, it would also dispel the myth held by few people that the ideas and ideals of Islam are nonconforming with modern values, centered around equality and liberty.

I would urge you all to direct your countries to embrace secular ethos, separate the religion and the policy-making and embrace all religions equally. The path to full secularism might be a long one but the ideals we seek to establish are worth the effort. OIC can begin this long journey by passing a non-binding resolution in this direction to guide the member states in their long-term vision. This would be one giant step towards a world peace and rapprochement and the future generations will remember the legacy of peace you would leave behind. 

It would also send a strong message to the violent religious fringe group that continue bloodshed unabated, that they do not represent the real Islam. Hitherto, the radical elements across the world are emboldened with stricter version and interpretations of religious laws in theocratic states. This message would be the most appropriate and unequivocal disapproval of their brutal tactics. Finally, it would help the otherwise majority moderate Muslims come out of fear and find their suppressed voice and hold their head high with dignity.

Inherently Islam is one of the most plural and diverse religion. I believe Islam is capable of showing the tolerance, which other nations states would seek to emulate. The onus is on you to dispel the myth that Islamic majority countries cannot have a non-theocratic political future. Asymmetrical rules for different community’s breeds suspicion. In this holy month of Ramadan, we have an opportune time to end all this in one stroke of legislation. I would urge you to foster among all your subjects, the ideas of equality, fraternity and dignity of individuals. These ideals should be the center of legislative, executive and judicial reforms.

We urge you to listen to that clarion call of humankind and elevate Islam’s ideals and bring forth a state that seeks reconciliation with people of all faith. May Allah bless your efforts in ushering in this global renaissance.

Every peace-loving citizen of the world.

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