Saturday, April 13, 2024


Invitation to OIC is an achievement for Modi- government

Appeal to the Head of States of OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for Reforms

It is time to prove to the world that Muslim majority countries can be as just and fair to all religions as any other nation states can possibly claim to be.

Modi’s Middle East Policy is a huge success

Though Pakistan’s remarks were harsh and uncharitable, the summit's Abu Dhabi Declaration remained silent on Kashmir, unlike the previous year which is a sign of success.

Where has it gone wrong? – Why liberals are against India

In the last 4.5 years, liberals and opposition has proved that their "Modi Hate" is much profound then fight against terrorism.

A feather in the BJP-led NDA Government’s cap

With the backdrop of Pulwama-soldiers terror attack, with escalating tensions between the two- countries (Indo-Pak), this is an opportunity for India to seize and to put forth her (India’s) point of view to the Islamic world.

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