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persecuted religious minorities in Islamic Countries

Minority protection act- why and what do we need?

Minority Hindus are unprotected and in an existential crisis for a long time in Bangladesh.

Murder of Bangladeshi Hindus

Hindus constituted nearly 31 per cent of the population of the province of East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in 1941 but if you see today's scenario, you'll find one Hindu in 10 Bangladeshi and the percent of Hindus have come down to around 6% in Bangladesh this show's the incompetency of Bangladeshi government in protecting the minorities.

Implement CAA: Reliable option for security of persecuted minorities in neighborhood countries

This historic and fruitful decision by the government of India gives a ray of hope to those persecuted minorities of neighborhood countries i.e. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan who lost their beloved in this Islamic radicalization.

Hindu Bengalis of east Pakistan and Bangladesh: A persecuted & forgotten community

Blinded by secularism, some refugees like Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya even publicly ate beef in Kolkata during 2015 to express solidarity with Muslims of India. But at what cost they have been doing so?

Appeal to the Head of States of OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for Reforms

It is time to prove to the world that Muslim majority countries can be as just and fair to all religions as any other nation states can possibly claim to be.

The regressive attitude of Muslims in India

Until Muslims don't support their nation above their religion, they will face trouble and feel secluded in the current system.

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