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Islamic Countries

Being blinkered to women’s rights in the 21st century

It’s ludicrous to believe that it's the 21st century going on and rulers of the countries are still swapping the cards between men and women instead of regarding them as a human being.

Stupidity with Manusmriti

For criticizing Hinduism, as a counter to the violent and xenophobic verses of the desert cult, people have even equated Manusmriti with Asmani Kitab.

Religious majoritarianism and Islamic countries

Some self-proclaimed highly educated intellectual on TV says India is a majoritarian country. But one question always remains unanswered, Why only Hindus should adjust?

Appeal to the Head of States of OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for Reforms

It is time to prove to the world that Muslim majority countries can be as just and fair to all religions as any other nation states can possibly claim to be.

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