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Religious majoritarianism and Islamic countries

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We all saw a video of a Burqa-Clad Women breaking a Ganesha Idol in Bahrain. Hindus were really upset about it because Ganesha Chaturthi is around the corner and everyone is preparing for that special day. Still, no one outraged because Hindus understand that country is going through a tough time so they should forget it and move on.

A few days ago we saw Bangaluru was burning. Why? because someone commented something about Prophet Muhammad. Actually we all know who is a fascist and who is a terrorist and who is a hypocrite but still, we don’t say it. If people will say the truth, the constitution will collapse, if people will keep believing lies and tolerating violence done by the minority, the constitution will be good and healthy.

Then one day some self-proclaimed highly educated intellectual will come on TV and he will say India is a majoritarian country. But one question always remains unanswered, Why only Hindus should adjust?

Bahrain is a Muslim country and more than 70% of its population is Muslim, Islam is the state religion of Bahrain. When Muslims are in the majority the first thing they do is change the state religion of that country, they change everything according to Islam. Freedom of religion will always be limited and designed in a way that you get converted to Islam sooner or later.

Bahrain is also an example of Majoritarianism but we can’t say that because that’s is in Middle-east, That is the land where Islam originated so Muslims will be privileged there. Then my question is why can’t Hindus have their own ” Middle-East ” India is the place where Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists and Zoroasters live peacefully and with acceptance. India is the place of Sanatan Dharma, the oldest civilization which is still surviving.

” If you don’t know what is Majoritarianism, have a look at daily news of Islamic countries. ” – Unknown

By the way, no offence to good people because I believe one-day good people will change everything.

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