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Organisation of Islamic Countries: Bulldozing geopolitics with religion

Why to have an organisation of countries based on religion? In fact, OIC is a religious organisation with political motives. There is no other organisation of countries based on religion, rather they are based on region.

The resolution on Islamophobia adopted by the UN proposed by Pakistan is a mistake

Pakistan has been trying for years to divert attention from its misdeeds when it comes to guaranteeing religious freedom for its citizens by pretending in the United Nations that “Islamophobia” would be the big problem.

Appeal to the Head of States of OIC – Organisation of Islamic Cooperation for Reforms

It is time to prove to the world that Muslim majority countries can be as just and fair to all religions as any other nation states can possibly claim to be.

Modi’s Middle East Policy is a huge success

Though Pakistan’s remarks were harsh and uncharitable, the summit's Abu Dhabi Declaration remained silent on Kashmir, unlike the previous year which is a sign of success.

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