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Delhi: Is Arvind Kejriwal doing enough?

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India as on April 12 (11.30 IST), has witnessed 8356 cases of Coronavirus and Delhi has crossed a thousand mark, the only state after Maharashtra crossing the thousand mark in Covid19 cases out of which 712 cases belonged to Tabligi Jamaat or Special Operations as now termed by Delhi Government to avoid any backlash from not a minority community alone.

Though everyone is praising Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal on Social Media platforms, therefore he must be doing something good, wherein fact the ground reality is completely different.

Those on ground volunteering to contain the spread of Coronavirus pandemic witnessed the fact that it is Sewa Bharati, an RSS affiliate whose volunteers are selflessly helping the needy across Delhi irrespective of their gender, race, religion, caste etc. Now, from helping the NE citizens residing in Delhi to feeding the animals/birds to even reaching the Khadir Basti of Yamuna paar, the area which is not even connected via road with a sole purpose of feeding and helping the poor & needy, they are doing everything possible.

If facts are to be looked upon, Sewa Bharati has successfully distributed 50000 dry ration kits, where each kits includes: 

  • 10 Kg wheat
  • 2 Kg rice and lentils each
  • 1 litre Oil
  • 1 Kg salt and sugar each
  • Packets of Turmeric and Garam Masala of 250gm each
  • Packets of milk powder and tea of 500gm each
  • A noodle packet
Sewa Bharati volunteers packing “essential box” at Okhla packaging centre
Essential commodities/Dry ration packed by Sewa Bharati volunteers

Apart from distributing dry ration kits, these volunteers are feeding 1.30 lakhs needy daily for which organisation has set up 125 kitchens across Delhi, have identified 630 spots across Delhi to distribute kits and food and are also looking after elderly citizens in this crisis. Be it helping the PG students to launching a separate IVR number for NE students to managing the crowd (yes, they were the ones who magnificently managed the crowd when migrant workers in Delhi were forced and transported by Delhi government to Anand Vihar ISBT just after the day when false announcements were made later in the night by unknown sources that buses will be waiting for them at Anand Vihar ISBT to transport them to their homes) to even arranging transportation for 92 persons. And not just humans, but these volunteers are also taking care of animals and birds by providing 28000 Kg of fodder to 28 cow shelters and have identified 97 spots across Delhi to feed birds. Now, this is entirely managed and monitored online 24*7 by ~3000 Sewa Bharati has left me totally flabbergasted. [1]

Sewa Bharati distributing food at Keshav Puram, Delhi
Sewa Bharati volunteers distributing food at Khadir Basti of Yamuna area, Delhi

Delhi, which is currently being ruled by IITian progressive CM, progressive as claimed by his communist friends has failed to control & secure the population of ~2 crore whereas it’s border sharing state UP led by a regressive bhagwa CM Yogi Adityanath as termed by Lutyens media has very well managed to contain this #coronavirus spread with just 402 cases. Yes, the state population with ~21 crore has only 402 active cases whereas Delhi with nearly 10 times less population has almost 3 times the number of active cases in Uttar Pradesh. From transferring the amount of Rs. 1000 to each of ~21 lakh workers registered with labor department via Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to identifying 43000 vehicles to carry out home delivery of essential commodities to sanctioning the ration free of cost to 1.65 lakh beneficiaries of Antyodaya Anna Yojana and MGNREGA to giving advance pensions to 86 lakh beneficiaries to directing District Magistrates to provide assistance of Rs. 1000 to those who are not covered in any of the schemes to operating 2230 Relief camps and 2500 food camps where 10 lakh people were given shelter and food to personally analyzing and visiting the Covid19 hotspots [2], Yogi Adityanath has left no stone unturned in containing this Coronavirus spread. However, on the other hand Delhi CM Kejriwal claims to have feed 71 lakh poor’s which is far far away from reality. A CM who only believes in publicity has not shown any of his facility where the food is being prepared. In fact, some days back Delhi government claimed a kitchen which was run by Jhandewalan Temple Trust and volunteers of Sewa Bharati as their own.

Image courtesy: Aajtak news channel
Image courtesy: ANI News, Twitter

The MLA Rohit Kumar Mehraulia of Trilokpuri area of East Delhi behaved rudely with the residents of his assembly when they complained regarding no food or pension being given to them even after an announcement was made at a press conference of Delhi CM Kejriwal. The most daft incident was when a lady who reached Delhi Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai office for food, she was handed over the Sewa Bharati helpline number.

Delhi has a CM who is only busy in doing press conferences, spreading extravagantly on his PR who even in this crisis instead of coming out and battling this pandemic is enjoying all the comforts of luxuries. Had Kejriwal spent the money on feeding and helping the poor, he would not be forced to take the bogus route to uplift his image.

Also, give a thought on the situation of Delhi had Sewa Bharati would not be in picture today battling this Covid19 pandemic!

References:Authorised Delhi RSS SM SwayamsevakFacts & figures of UP govt cited from various articles available over internet

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