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Why Yogi Adityanath is the leader the left wants and deserves

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Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Narrating unheard stories, one article at a time.

While it may sound absurd to many, Yogi Adityanath resembles everything the left liberal stand for, not the motive but the means. ‘Left-liberal’ being a misnomer evident by their behaviour which is consistently void of liberal thought.

While one may recall the series of events that unfolded in JNU, the news coverage by mainstream media was a bit shocking and misleading with the ground reports. The day of 5th Jan, when naxal attacks happened in many hostels targeting ABVP cadres and common students who were in favour of restoring normalcy and doing semester registration. The next step to further their naxal agenda, the left student parties allegedly distributed pamphlets containing photos of ABVP activists and a clear cut message written to boycott them academically and socially. An interesting thing to observe about these pamphlets was that they had no mention of any organisation or individual under whose initiative these pamphlets were distributed in hostel messes.

Tweets by an ABVP activist, Vikas SIngh Gautam saying that he was boycotted by the left supporters in the campus
Another tweet with the parchas being circulated among whatsapp groups targeting ABVP activists.

For those not aware of the political scenario of JNU campus, the political campaigns are carried out by the means of small black & white pamphlets or as students call them ‘parchas’. These parchas bear the name of the organisation, and their message and/or views. But a parcha with no name of organisation clearly meant that people involved in distributing are aware of their illegal deed. Another spin off to this event was that these parchas mean and open declaration to the cadres to target these ABVP activists and thus undermining the personal security of those being “socially boycotted.” This is not an isolated event but something regularly faced by the ABVP activists in the campus by the group of far-left cadres.

Not going so far as to do what these hooligans are busy doing in JNU, Yogi Adityanath administration hung poster of alleged rioters. One may argue that this is the same means which is used by left activists all the time and the same is used by their opposition, they shout words like fascism, undemocratic. Much to their hypocrisy, this is their modus operandi, use any means necessary when their authority is challenged and an invasion of individual privacy when used against them. But what they did in JNU campus after the 5th Jan naxal attack and not stand up to it, publicly shaming some individual, the same approach is used by the Uttar Pradesh administration.

Thus, I reiterate – Yogi Adityanath is the leader the Indian left wants and deserve.

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Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
Narrating unheard stories, one article at a time.
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