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Unfortunate and tragic death in Delhi and violent Coup-d’état of constitution by minority view

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I personally abhor the death in mob violence, destruction of the property and economics loss just  like any  of us. In India what really connects all citizen is constitution, law and submission to law and submitting to law is a citizen responsibility. Propaganda of the factual misrepresentation and disrespect to the rule of the law is coup.

Generally, minority that includes personal interest group like politicians, religious extremist, plain and simple criminals subvert the law and courts and media need to stay neutral and apply rule of the law. However, in the case of the NPA, NRC and CAA the minority view is trying to subvert the law with majority media joining them and judiciary missing. I do not mean this in the sense of religious minority – though some elements of it,  is present. I mean it in the sense it is minority view of the political parties to garner Muslim votes or not, national media to claim high ground, foreign media with connection to extreme liberal view, Pakistan connection , India hatred and finally simply unwitting people.

Political Imposition of Minority view

The CAA is passed by the both houses of parliament and it is a law of the Country. Congress-(INC), Communist, TMC, DMK and many others voted against it in both house of the parliament, but it was passed. It was passed in Rajya Sabha where the BJP is not in majority with support from the other parties. In legal terms it is more constitutional then the adjustment of preamble of the constitution by Congress party to make India “secular and socialistic” republic.

These political parties have approached the constitutional validity  of CAA in supreme court and it will be heard. But unless the law is proven counter to  fundamental tenants of the constitution by the supreme court , it remains a law until then. The upper house which represents the states has passed with enough margin and this needs to be accepted as the law until it is overturned. There are many laws which some sections of people ( Supreme court collegium’s supremacy, minority institutions benefits, Schedule caste promotion in government, Mandal commission reservation, Article 356, 10% reservation for economically weaker forward castes ) may not agree but in democracy the only option is to overturn it is by winning electoral seats and modifying it.

Unfortunately, all those opposed the law in parliament took their opposition to the streets. They used the state assembly to pass anti- CAA resolution.TMC, Kerala Communist, TRS organized the protests in the streets with the participation of the Chief Ministers and it is blatant misuse of constitutional position they occupy. This is fundamentally trying to usurp parliamentary process and coup- d’état of constitution to subvert the constitutional supremacy on citizenship, a federal list item by state government. It is illegal. Period.

Media imposition of incorrect view

There is no religious test in CAA. CAA allows the prosecuted minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afgan to be granted citizenship in India had they come to India before 2014. That is exactly the law as it exists today and extrapolating it to future will not stand judicial scrutiny unless a new CAA is passed in the parliament. There are similar laws in US for Christian refugees – whenever there is religious prosecution.   Same goes for the regularly performed NPA and most of the countries have questionnaire that are very elaborate than what is proposed. Why media supports the hiding of facts is something they may need to provide rational.

Misrepresentation on NRC by Media, Political Parties and Minority leaders

As for as the NRC, the National Registry of Citizenship, almost with the exception of few all countries have it. All the countries in the sub-continent except India has implemented the bio metric registry that is needed for anyone above 18 years of age for any government benefit, drivers license and opening a bank account. It is a NORM than an exception to have the NRC. Countries like Canada which suspended NRC because it is so much digitized that it is very easy to get the citizenship by running the source of driver license or other ID. If the fear is that the NRC will miss any genuine person then one needs to ironed out later  or if that will identify the illegals, then there should be a path for settling them. If Afghanistan has  more robust NRC than many countries – so also is Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and I provide the links below.

Bangladesh :…/National_identity_card_(Banglade…
Srilanka :…
Afghan :
Nepal :
Bhuton :
Pakistan :
worldwide details :…/List_of_national_identity_card_p…

The concept of national ID as a means of Citizenship is so ingrained and effective for services and national security.The world around us has moved very fast and I think we need to associate to a new reality than the times of freedom movement.So the argument that it will leave genuine Muslims out of it is based on sheer hate of government, its process and is abominable.  Those parties like TMC , DMK, Communist can run a social process to get everyone properly documented than fighting in the street. It is clear by opposing the NRC- they fight the very first word of constitution – we the citizen of India.

Minority protest imposition

A day or two protest to express the frustration is acceptable but continuous protest at Shaheen Bagh, closure of Metro in many places in Delhi and many other cities is clearly infringing on the rights of people who otherwise use the roadways, railroads etc. Media and Opposition parties have been romanticizing this infringement for political and TRP gains are doing great disfavor to the constitution and rule of the law. When Mr.P. Chidambaram says the protest will intensify and Ms.Priyanka Gandhi Vadra participates in these protests by sit-in give law breaking people moral, political and economic support. Same goes for the communist who love protests. If someone has the right to disallow a public road, rail and other means for 100+ days that is an imposition of their view on others. This will be retaliated anywhere in the world as patience will wear and it is not really sustainable. Indian media and more so BBC, Washington Post and Al-Jeeriza have been stoking that this is something a liberation fight , though all who romanticize have personal agenda, liberal extremism and simple hate for Modi and sometimes a genuine concern. Bottom line will they allow such behavior in their country.? Will Joanne Slater of Washington post who bleeds for the protests in India, when she goes to Washington DC will feel the same way when someone opposed to their current administration makes the metro closed and she must walk three miles to go home.

Vitiating atmosphere by extreme view

Jinnawali Azadi, La illa illah allah, 15 crore Muslim will dominate 100 crore are very insensitive statements from the minorities. Same goes for the BJP leader to say that Muslims must go to Pakistan. Both are reprehensible view and does not represent true nature and against the law.

Stop it here

I think there is no innocent here -really no one and all are using it for imposing their view. This includes the ruling party, opposition, media, protesters etc and all must stop it and obey the law. But India does not need illegal irrespective of any religion and our country has to find a way to stop that like every other country in the sub-continent done it. Protesters please obey the law disperse immediately and take it to again court. NRC, if and when is going to be created, should have the same process followed by the six other countries in the sub-continent and should be easy to include who are genuinely citizen but cannot produce proper documentation. Also, it should have a test to see what to do with those who are excluded  from other countries and are not legal resident.

We all belong here  and only we belong here and no one else. We need to co-exist and the only thing that connects various people is constitution and law. If you are violating it , it will create more problems .It is another form of coup d’etat and common person never gain from it any time.

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