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Give up hatred jibe of the dynast; has Shakespeare referred Raghul Gandhi in his work?

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Social media is been used, over-used and abused to share hate messages and fear mongering by many antisocial, anti-Indian outfits are well known. Freedom of expression and misuse of freedom are two separate aspects and therefore a clear distinction of the both we must draw, recognize and accordingly must fix the responsibility on those who misuse the freedom and democracy.

May be to make people to think about how each one of them are using the social media and make the people more matured and responsible, Modi would have said that he is thinking of giving up social media platform. Modi has expressed his anguish, pain and worries about the future of India if people continue to use social media to kindle unrest and animosity in India and finally destabilize peace and sab ka vikas agenda of Modi, naturally the government must think whether India should allow such social media platforms to be run without any restrictions in the name of free speech and democracy.

Instead of India debate about how the social media being used by several opposition parties and tukde tukde gangs to spread fear mongering and unrest, the dynast Raghul Gandhi is giving an unsolicited advice to Modi to give up his hatred. The dynast Raghul Gandhi has done nothing but he has mocked himself. The dynast Raghul Gandhi’s hatred towards Modi is bigger than the hatred of Duryodhana against Pandavas or Ravan against Lord Ram. The first Indian to give up his hatred is the dynast Raghul Gandhi. Further the dynast also must give up his greed to become prime minister of India, his greed to become the president of congress party and must advice his mother to abdicate her ambition to handover the congress party to her son and not to any other person in the party. The dynast must liberate him from the elitist mind-set that it is his birth right to become prime minister of India and his family alone have such right.

Another possible question also we must ask now. The question is, has Shakespeare refereed Raghul Gandhi in his work Merchant of Venice? How come Shakespeare knew of Raghul Gandhi several centuries before? In Merchant of Venice, it is stated that the Devil too would quote scripture for its purpose through the below versus

“The devil can quote scripture for his purpose
An evil soul producing holy witness
Is like a villain with a smiling cheek
A Goodly apple rotten at the core”

Every opportunity and in every platform, the dynast Raghul Gandhi is known to abuse and ridicule Modi because his ambition to become the prime minister of India Modi has stopped through his honest, incorrupt, sab ka vikas centric governance.

Another reason why the dynast Raghul Gandhi abuses Modi is because of the humble origin of Modi. Modi has started his life as tea seller and then rose to the position of prime minister of India. 


Even after becoming the prime minister of India, Modi conduct himself as Pradhan sevak or chowkidar. But the arrogant dynast Raghul Gandhi even abused the term chowkidar and defamed cowkidar profession by calling cowkidar chor. The dynast Raghul Gandhi should look at his own house to find the real chor rather than calling Modi.

Bofors allegation has proved who the chor was. National Herald and other scam allegations during UPA 1 and 2 also would show who harbour chors and corrupts netas. 

It was the dynast who enacted a drama in the parliament that he is symbol of love and then went and hugged Modi. After hugging the PM, the dynast Raghul Gandhi showed his ugly wink may be by imitating the wink of Priya Warrier.


In the land of God, it is known that the evil spirits would stay without sleep and would work tirelessly to drag the people towards its side. To convince the gullible people to its side, the devil also would quote scriptures with distorted interpretation and malafide facts.

More than the meaning, we must discuss about the anguish expressed by Modi that why he is thinking of leaving social media. As a responsible political party, the opposition and the congress party of the dynast must work with Modi to educate our society about how the social media platform must be used to develop the nation and not to break our nation.

The degeneration of social values in our society is mainly due to our indifference and irresponsibility to live according to our ancient culture and civilization called Hinduism.

Hinduism promotes tolerance, secularism, responsibility and unity in diversity.  We must trace back our ancient Hindu tradition to make India a great land of love, peace and prosperity.  India should pledge its unconditional support to Modiji to make our country prosperous where everyone participate and benefit equally towards making New India.

Jai Hind

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