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Ugly side of CAA protest in Shaheen Bagh, support Modi, save India

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Human history has clearly shown that Adharma, Aneedhi, lies, hatred and negativity have never won nor had made the sponsor of all those evil activities strong and invincible. We have sufficient examples for the above in our epic texts such as Ramayana and Mahabharat.

The CAA protest in Shaheen Bagh is an experiment of certain evil charmers who with wicked goals in mind, sponsor several anti-social elements to voice against India, abuse corruption and scam free governance of Modi, break law and order in the name of democratic right to protest and conduct dharna.

We, the Indians must reflect the Shaheen Bagh protect from the perspective of how Lord Vishnu in human form– Lord Krishna and Lord Ram had defeated both Ravan and Kamsa who sponsored Maricha, Subahhoo and Tadaka respectively to kill Lord Ram and Krishna.

Ravan sponsored Maricha and Subahoo to trap Sita, the wife of Lord Ram and finally all of them viz., Maricha, Subahoo and Ravan himself got killed by Lord Ram. Similarly Kamsa too used Tadaka to kill Lord Krishna. But finally both Tadaka and Kamsa himself got killed by Lord Krishna.

Never in the history or in mythology of any culture has ever described the victory of an evil force. Nowhere in the world, evil forces or negativity or hate mongering have ever tasted victory at the end.

The CAA protest in Shaheen Bagh is the best example of the re-enactment of Maricha, Subhahoo or Tadaka. The important point is that Indians should realize all those tukde tukde gangs that sponsor Shaheen Bagh protest are nothing but Ravan and Kamsa who at any cost wants to get rid of Lord Krishna and Lord Ram.

Today Modi stands tall; he represents honesty and integrity in public life, saviour of poor and under privileged, missionary of India’s development and sab ka vikas. Because of Modi, most of the corrupt opposition parties have gone amok, hopeless and shattered.

The political future of all those who oppose Modi- the symbol of honesty and divinity look bleak and irrelevant in India. Further most of the opposition parties are nothing but family establishments, revolve around one family, a club of sycophants and paid servants of the respective families. All these dynastic parties want to promote corruption, kickbacks, nepotism and dynastic politics. Therefore all those dynasts in Indian politics want to defeat Modi and BJP and only then, they can bring back the rule of corruption and scams in India.

All those corrupt forces are now trying to sponsor certain anti-social elements to organize protests in Shaheen Bagh on daily basis with the hope that the image and reputation of Modi can be damaged. All those conglomerate of negativity and corruption has not yet realized the bitter truth that negativity shall never win. If they had read our Indian mythology and epics like Ramayana and Mahabharat where the evil charmers like Ravan and Kamsa had never won against Lord Vishnu by sponsoring Maricha, Subahoo or Tadaka.

The intent and actions of Modi are pure, honest and the governance of Modi is centering on development, sab ka vikasa and corruption free, stable government. On the contrary, those who oppose and fight against Modi are banquet of corrupts, looters of India and promoters of dynastic politics and nepotism. For all those who oppose Modi wants nothing but own family to develop and have enough space to loot the country and destroy India.

Indians must clearly associate all those who oppose Modi and engaged in protest theatrics at Shaheen Bagh against CAA are nothing but Ravan and Kamsa or their representatives. Therefore Indians should remain firm and must pledge their unconditional support to Modi to save India from all those corrupt forces and fear mongers.

How important is to support Modi so important is to defeat all those dynastic forces and fear mongers. By supporting Modi without decomposing all those negative forces from Indian politics, we can’t save India. Every Indian must find some extra time to spread the positive message of Modi and how Modi has transformed India and uplifted the life of poor and under privileged through various path breaking schemes and initiatives.

Modi, Amit Shah and BJP alone can save India and ensure sab ka vikas and not those blood thirsty leeches. Let us work for India, let us support Modi and let us save India.

Jai Hind.

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