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Indian National Congress (INC) Or Hindu Congress

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MAJ (Md.Ali Jinnah) called INC a Hindu Congress:

“Secularism” is the most talked about topic in the independent India. It is more so today, when India is ruled by BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) and its ally (NDA) led by Shri Narendra Modi as PM. Congress leaves no effort to brand current government and its leading political party BJP as a Hindu Party, anti Muslim or communal party (both words have become synonymous).

To appreciate the facts linked to perception based branding of any political organisation as secular or non secular, I will take you to pre-independence era of India. India was inching towards independence from English dominion and “Two nation” theory was gaining strength. The patron of ” Two nation” theory Md. Ali Jinnah was not at all in mood to accept independence as one nation on certain notions which he categorically mentioned in his write ups to British government in order to justify his demand. He said:

1. Muslim India will never accept any method of framing the constitution of India by means of one constitution making body for all India in which Mussulmans will be in hopeless minority.

2. Nor will they agree to any united India constitution, federal or otherwise, with one centre, in which, again they will be in hopeless minority, and will be at the mercy of perennial Hindu majority domination.

3. Further, any attempt to set up a provisional government at the centre, which would be in any way prejudice or militate against the Pakistan demand, will not be acceptable to us, as the thin end of the wedge, as it is sought by Hindu India under the term of the Provisional “National” Government of India.


4. If the labour government wishes to prove its bonafides to give freedom to the peoples of this sub continent, they must face realities and facts as they are. First, the Hindus and the Mussulmans are two major nations living in this sub-continent, and there are Muslim Provinces and Hindu Provinces, and it is the high time that the British government apply their mind definitely to the division of India and the establishment of Pakistan and Hindustan , which means freedom for both, whereas an united India means slavery for mussulmans and complete domination of the imperialistic caste Hinduraj throughout this sub-continent, and this is what the Hindu Congress
seeks to attain by constant threats to all and sundry…

If we just go by the highlighted portion of above statements made by Md. Ali Jinnah, he had brandished the then Political Party in the helm of the affairs as “Hindu congress” and in no mincing words linked the INC with word like “Hindu Majority domination”, “Hindu India”.


In view of the above fact, can INC claim to be secular party, if yes, why BJP should be called communal?

If one has to make up their mind about secular credential of INC (Indian National Congress) after going through the letter and its annexure written by Md. Ali Jinnah to then British government, what will be your opinion on the subject. Kindly comment in comment box.

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भूतपूर्व वायुसैनिक, भूतपूर्व सहायक अभियंता , कानिष्ठ कार्यपालक (मानव संसाधन)

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