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Fabricated Secularism

On way to “Congress-mukt” Bharat

Congress party has been carrying the legacy of Nehru-Gandhi family as epitome of its misplaced democratic value. The Congress members, with slave mentality, have been endorsing that national party for decades as personal business of Nehru-Gandhi family.

इच्छाधारी हिन्दू और डरे हुए “वो” समझ लें हिन्दू क्या है और हिंदुत्व क्या है

जब तक हम "ईश्वर अल्लाह तेरो नाम" के प्रपंच में उलझे रहे तब तक इन्हें कोई परेशानी नहीं थी। जब तक हम अस्तित्वहीन "गंगा जमुनी तहजीब" पर अकारण भरोसा करते रहे, तब तक इन्हें कोई दिक्कत नहीं थी।

उन्होंने इतिहास से कुछ नहीं सिखा, जो भाइचारे की बात करते हैं

हमारे शस्त्रों में ये स्पष्ट रूप से कहा गया है कि "धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः" अर्थात तुम धर्म की रक्षा करो, धर्म तुम्हारी रक्षा करेगा। इसे इस प्रकार भी परिभाषित किया जा सकता है कि "धर्म की रक्षा करो, तुम स्वतः रक्षित हो जाओगे।

Condition of Hindus in India- their homeland

Sad state of Indian secularism and agony of Hindus who are too helpless to do anything.

Secular battle of Bengal

Earlier the dividing line was drawn between Communal BJP and Secular TMC. Then Congress and Left Parties have come together with more secularism to fight Communal BJP and less secular TMC.

RIP ‘secular’; welcome ‘plural’

This kind of Anti Hindu bias was earlier called Secular. It is now proposed to be called Plural. It only shows the singular lack of understanding of the issue by these seculars.

Secular India, an anachronism

Secularism has destroyed the social and cultural fabric of India, because in our country its manifestation is the worst caricature of what Secularism is.

Indian National Congress (INC) Or Hindu Congress

Read this letter and its annexure, written by Md. Ali Jinnah to then British government before branding Congress a secular party.

Liberals continue to live in parallel universe: Ref: Justice Dananjay Yashwant Chandrachud‘s lecture on “Binding India together“

The lecture delivered by Mr. D.Y.C fits to a 'T' of a typical intellectual Liberal’s romantic fantasisation of an ideal liberalised democracy.

The incurable secular mSana

Why Indian Intellectual Liberals choose to define Dharma as Hinduism- a word coined by the west as all their theories are defined by one or the other isms, thus irrelevant to our understanding of our ethos.

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