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Secular battle of Bengal

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It is expected that in coming 7 to 10 days, the dates for Assembly Election in West Bengal will be declared by the Election Commission of India. Earlier the dividing line was drawn between Communal BJP and Secular TMC. Then Congress and Left Parties have come together with more secularism to fight Communal BJP and less secular TMC.

Meanwhile, Abbas Siddiqui, a famous Muslim religious leader of West Bengal has added further dose of secularism in the election fight by launching a new political Party called ‘Indian Secular Front’ (ISF). Being a cleric himself, Abbas Siddiqui has not yet publicly disowned the Momin-Kafir divide and various anti Kafir verses of his religious teaching.

To make the situation more funnily Secular, Abbas Siddiqui has made a Hindu dalit the President of his Party and invited ‘dalit’ and ‘adivasi’ people of the state to his fold. We are eagerly waiting to see Jogen Mandal-2 in future. So, at least for the time being Asaduddin Owasi and AIMIM are out of focus in West Bengal politics. But still Owaisi can play the role of ‘Vote Katua’.

Mohammed Salim of CPM, Abdul Mannan of Congress and Abbas Siddiqui of ISF are discussing to make joint ‘Secular Political Cannon’ and target Communal BJP and less Secular TMC in coming election.

This overdose of Secularism is clear in the letter dated 4 February 2021 of Abdul Mannan (Leader of Opposition from Congress in West Bengal Assembly) to Sonia Gandhi. In the letter Abdul Mannan requests Sonia Gandhi to allow West Bengal Congress, which is already tied up with Left Parties, to join with new ISF for targeting more winnable seats in forthcoming assembly election with Muslim votes.

Secularism is profusely dropping from the said letter of Abdul Mannan, when he gives the position of Muslim voters in West Bengal. Abdul Mannan clarifies that Abbas Siddiqui has great influence among Muslims, and the latter community constitutes 30 per cent of total voters in the state. Abdul Mannan stresses that if a ‘grand alliance’ is made with Left Parties and ISF (of Abbas Siddiqui), these 30 per cent Muslim voters, of which 90 per cent is Bengali speaking, will be of great help.

TMC supremo too is obsessed with Ola Uber. Her love for ‘Secular Ola Uber’ is well known. Thus, it is difficult to say as to where the communal BJP supporter Hindu Bengalis will go during this ‘Epidemic of Secularism’ in West Bengal election. Mohammed Salim, Abdul Mannan and Abbas Siddiqui have become important political players in West Bengal politics.  This is a major paradigm shift in the politics of the state and indicates the shape of things to come.

This trio (Congress, Left Parties and ISF) has fraudulently made Islam synonymous with Secularism. On the top of this, TMC also wants its pound of ‘Secular Ola Uber’. The bottom line is, to play Hindu-based politics is Communal, but to play Muslim-based politics is highly Secular. At least, Bongs think so!

Jai Bangla. Jai West Bangladesh!

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