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Condition of Hindus in India- their homeland

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Being a majority community in India Hindus face a lot of discrimination. Be it celebration of any Festival or anything. “Don’t play holi it causes wastage of water. Don’t burst crackers it causes Air pollution etc.” And now they’ve got a very convenient excuse of CORONA. Kaawad yatra cancelled.. Amarnath yatra cancelled.. Maha Kumbh cancelled, just because of CORONA. It seems like government only knows to give knowledge to Hindus only not to others. Today is EID and many states gave permission to Muslims to celebrate it. WHY? Is CORONA on holiday today?

PETA which is formed for saving animals only knows to say “KEEP ANIMALS SAFE THIS HOLI”, but nothing have to say about BAKRI EID why? Because it is a festival of so called minority community? Government and the so called LIBERALS have made fun of the word SECULARISM. In India, secularism only and only means favouring the minority community nothing else.

Many Sadhus are killed but no one gives a sh*t on that cases and they get closed. But when it comes to any crime with any Muslim it becomes a nation wide news. Love jihad. Forceful conversion of religion is it a good thing? When someone raises his voice against it Politicians says.. “Promotion of religion is a fundamental right”! Forceful conversion is a religious promotion? Great!

Have many things to say, will post more of such content! Until then Thank You!


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