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On way to “Congress-mukt” Bharat

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Jawaharlal Nehru became the President of Indian National Congress for the first time in 1929 by succeeding his father Motilal Nehru. This succession was symbolic of later successions of political power in Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. In the history of Indian National Congress, no father son duo or close relations could hold that prestigious post.

In independent India, Nehru’s direct and crude involvement in making Indira Gandhi the President of Congress in 1959 and then resorting to ‘Kamraj Plan’ are well known. After that, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi carried the tradition of occupying the Chair of Congress President for decades. Sonia Gandhi, the Roman Catholic Italy born wife of Rajiv Gandhi, had the distinction of remaining President of Congress party for continuous 19 years from 1998 to 2017.

Congress party has been carrying the legacy of Nehru-Gandhi family as epitome of its misplaced democratic value. The Congress members, with slave mentality, have been endorsing that national party for decades as personal business of Nehru-Gandhi family. In independent India Jawaharlal and Indira Gandhi, as Prime Ministers, had reduced the Congress party into a fiefdom of Nehru-Gandhi family. Even after seven decades of independence, no Congress leader today can dare to think of anybody outside Nehru-Gandhi family to be the President of the party. Gandhi-ji wanted Congress to be dissolved after independence. But Nehru monopolized Congress for his family instead.

Whatever could be the differences between the Indian National Congress and Indian Muslim League before 1947, the Congress party in independent India took a conscious stand of Muslim appeasement in the names of ‘minority’. Congress could derive some moral justification for its Muslim appeasement from the word ‘minority’. But Congress was never keen to appease other minorities of India like Parsis, Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians.

The term ‘minority’ is also vaguely defined in the Indian Constitution. Article 29 of the Constitution has the word ‘minorities’ in its marginal heading but speaks of “any section of citizens having a distinct language script and culture”. However, Congress under Nehru, Indira, Rajiv, Sonia and Rahul had converged all the shades, sections and types of minorities to Indian Muslims alone. Thus with about 18 per cent of population, Muslims are the de fecto only minority of India.

In post-1947, the election strategy of Congress (and later of so-called regional secular parties) was very simple. It emphasized on enticing consolidated Muslim votes in its favor and divided Hindu votes on caste lines. So, largest share of Muslim votes and that of local dominant Hindu caste could return Congress to power again and again for thirty continuous years after 1947 and thereafter some more times.

After Sonia Gandhi took over the party in 1998, there came a major addition in the Congress policy. The Congress party not only continued with its Muslim appeasement vigorously, but started anti-Hindu activities in a determined manner. In 2005, Sonia Gandhi back-seat-driven UPA government constituted ‘Sachar Committee’ to study the reasons of backwardness in Muslim community in India and to make recommendations thereof. The unstated assertion was that only Muslims were backward in India. In 2006, Sonia Gandhi was instrumental in creating Ministry of Minority Affairs to oil the Indian Muslims. In 2008 Congress Party signed a MoU with Chinese Communist Party without informing the Parliament.

Thereafter in November 2008, Mumbai attacks (better known as 26/11) by Pakistani Islamic terrorists were allegedly orchestrated by Congress in connivance with Pakistan. The attacks were done to create the narrative of ‘Hindu Terror’ in India. But capture of Pakistani terrorist Kasab destroyed the scheme of Congress. One Aziz Burney, known for his anti-India and anti-Hindu rants, was made the part of an official Indian delegation led by Congress Prime Minister Manmohan Singh during his visit to France and Egypt in 2009. This Aziz Burney was encouraged and supported by the Congress to write and launch a book titled “26/11, RSS Ki Saazish” during 2010. The book falsely implicated RSS for 26/11. After the RSS filed a defamation suit against Burney, he had to apologize profusely on the front page of his paper, for his baseless claims.

The anti-Hindu activity of Congress reached its height when the party opposed Ram Janmabhoomi claim in Ayodhya in the Supreme Court and called Sri Ram as mythical. In 2011, Sonia Gandhi-led National Advisory Council (NAC), which was not an elected body, drafted ‘Prevention of Communal & Targeted Violence (Access to Justice and Reparations) Bill, 2011’. It defined victims of communalism as a group belonging to ‘a religious or linguistic minority, in any state.’ That was a blatant personal effort by Sonia Gandhi to pamper Muslims and demean Hindus. The statements of Congress leaders gradually started to become like those of Pakistani and Chinese leaders. Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar sought Pakistan’s help, on camera, to defeat BJP in 2019 election. Thus from being pro-Muslim and anti-Hindu, Congress party graduated to become an anti-India party also.

Now, when a Roman Catholic and anti-Hindu Rahul Gandhi starts temple hopping, before election, by putting a jenehu over his kurta, it gives a comical picture. When in such situation the Congress spokesperson also claims Rahul to be a Hindu Brahmin of Dattatreya Gotra, the bankruptcy of Congress party becomes clear. Rahul Gandhi’s anti-Hindu mind works best when he says that people go to temples to tease girls.

The election results of 2014 and 2019 were severe body blows for Congress. In both the elections, Congress failed to become even the official Opposition Party in the Parliament for getting less than 10 per cent of MP seats. But Congress has been pursuing its anti-Hindu activities with all sincerity. The recent publication (November 2021) of book titled ‘Sunrise over Ayodhya’ by Congress leader Salman Khurshid has equated Hindutva with Boko Haram and ISIS. Khurshid has the audacity of endorsing the cleansing of Pandits in Kashmir valley by telling “hua to hua. Keya kar sakte hai”? In actual term between 2014 and 2021, Congress party, under Sonia-Rahul, has been hijacked by Left-Liberal-Islamist-Lutyens-NGO gang.

Congress leaders also looted a staggering amount of about Rs 4820 billion through various scams and corruption cases over the last seven decades. From Jeep scam of 1948 to chopper scam of 2013 via Bofors scam of 1986, the list is very long. The Congress leaders who are out on bail in financial scams even includes the interim Congress chief Sonia Gandhi (National Herald scam), her son Rahul, and many others. Sonia Gandhi is credited to be the third richest politician of the world. Congress has destroyed India politically, socially, demographically, religiously, culturally and economically. Whatever the Congress leaders may say now, it sounds like the swan song of the party. “Congress-mukt Bharat” (Congress free India) is not far away.

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