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How Sadhguru made me a true Hindu!

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This is in context to Sadhguru’s recent tweet that MahaShivaratri is not a religious festival.

“Mahashivratri is not a religious festival. It has something to do with the astronomical phase of the planet. It is an opportunity when the planet and the solar system is supporting you with a natural upsurge of energy. Please make use of it. #MahaShivRatri2020 ”

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I belong to a middle-class family, studied in a convent school, and grew up watching repeated telecast versions of Ramayana, Mahabharata, Sri Krishna, and other mythological serials. But frankly speaking, I was always aloof with these ideas. I felt that Ram was not a good person, didn’t like to believe in the religion and stuff. You can blame it on my convent education.

But one day I saw a Youtube video titled Who is God? To my curiosity, I was instantly interested. Always had this question but none to answer until Sadhguru. His explanation made sense to me. And then began my marathon session of his videos on Youtube ranging from topics like religion to relationships. His clarity spell bounded me. He gave insights into all my questions which gradually started burning away. I began taking interest in the Hindu rituals and understood the true meaning behind them. I remember him clearing my doubts about Lord Ram. I took up Yoga and meditation all because of him and our beloved PM Narendra Modi.

Why Sadhguru does not consider Mahashivaratri as a religious festival? I feel that people who are criticizing him for that comment do not know the context in which he is speaking. He was answering a question on why the millennials who do not believe in religion should celebrate Mahashivaratri. Sanatana Dharma is all very scientific and thus Sadhguru explained the very scientific basis of celebrating Shiva. Sadhguru says that anybody between the Himalayas and Indu Sagar is a Hindu and we traditionally are a land of seekers. The so-called idea of religion comes from the west. In India, we don’t have the concept of Religion. It is because of the western religion’s influence here made the so-called ‘Hindus’ imitate others. What he says is ours is a Sanatana Dharma, which is the Universal Law. We all are Hindus irrespective of our religion, which is the same view held by RSS. He is trying to bring forth the original essence of our culture. He says that he has not read any scriptures but has realized experientially like many Yogis in the past.

Following are the ways Sadhguru is helping the new generation:
1) explains the logic behind our age-old rituals.
2) he helps English speaking generation to understand their true identity.
3) helping woke Millenials to get interested in our Dharmic ways of life.

Nowadays he is usually at the centre of criticism and ugly attacks by Congress, libertards, Islamists, leftists because:
1) He supported the CAA and NRC.
2) He has harmed the conversion business of the Christian missionaries largely in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
3) He stands for the Sanatana Dharma.

But our problem is that we Hindus still like attacking each other. We ourselves ridicule our sages and yogis. Sadhguru is a contemporary yogi, English speaking one at that. And for woke millennials like me, convent educated, who once drifted away from the Dharmic lifestyle and are again trying to discover the true Hindu in ourselves, Sadhguru is truely a saviour!

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