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Why (liberal) believers of science behave so fanatically in India

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Of late, India is facing a lot of dichotomy in terms of different ideologies. Since India is a land of seekers, the people here question everything. Their minds are dynamic and with growing liberalization, the whole world is becoming connected with it. This just increases their urge to questioning the status quo. The strength of India in 2020 will be its youth. In terms of skill, knowledge, and achievements they will make the country proud.

In 2020, the country will be passing through historic time. In the political arena, there is already a lot of turmoil since the present Government of India is touching upon pending sensitive issues and taking steps towards a stabilizing solution. In such a politically agitated state, it is obvious, the students are playing a great part. They are expressing their stands on platforms of social media and real life.

Eventually, there will be different ideologies and a clash between them will be inevitable. And such clashes and questioning are very indigenous in the country. Home to many dynamic ideologies and thoughts, India will, in turn, be richer from such habits of questioning. In recent times, the idea of Hinduism and Vedic sciences is facing a lot of attacks. Since this is the dominant religion in the country, the people, especially the students who are staunch believers of science, are questioning the different principles as mentioned in the scriptures of Hinduism.

As believers of science, they should always question the superstitious beliefs and principles for the sake of humanity. And they do that from time to time. Indians, in general, used to think scientifically since ancient times. In addition to that, they had been prepared to question the religious dogmas through a systematic persuasion with the employment of the English Education Act 1835 by Macaulay. A long time of persuasion made Indians think that their own cultures and principles are actually very outdated and conservative. While believing so, educated youths of the country have become keen to throw away the centuries-old values and theories practiced by the inhabitants. In today’s time, they have started tagging everyone who believes in Hindu scriptures as “Bhakt” or supporter of Modi.

This is nothing new because the Muslims and the British who came to rule India always wanted to destroy the rich elixir of knowledge that existed here. This might be the reason the Muslims attacked the temples, the storehouse of the Vedic knowledge. Also, this might be the reason behind the British introducing a different set of education system that creates antagonism against the indigenous culture. Whatever be the trap, it cannot be executed without the help of Indians. That’s why Indians questioning their own cultures and rituals should be a major concern.

More important is the point that the students and academicians with scientific attitudes are questioning the values just for the sake of opposition. They are found to be attacking everything religious in the country. From questioning the existence of Lord Rama to trolling the Defence Minister for worshipping the first Rafael jet, they have remained oblivious to the primary foundation of science- logic, and proof. The educated people of India think that whatever is found in the religious scripture of Hinduism is either superstitious or baseless. Calling themselves the believers of science, they want to oppose everything Indian. It requires foreign approval for them to believe in any indigenous idea.

Of course, they can oppose anything. But is that viable? Are they actually checking on the viability of Vedic science before opposing it? Are they checking on the viability of Yoga before questioning it? Or are they even ready to question and check everything for themselves before passing judgment on it? No. They are not even ready for that. They think whatever is written in science books is eternal and constant. But they have forgotten that science itself contradicts an idea if it is found to be wrong in future experiments. And to do that, science itself keeps questioning continuously the very ideas it has given us because it is by questioning all the new inventions came into being. If believing in something blindly is no science, then opposing something blindly is also nothing but bullshit of higher plane.

The painful part is that the western world is embracing the same principles that we Indians are throwing away or have rejected. They are doing so not because they are becoming infatuated with the ideology of Hindutva. Actually, they have found out the science behind them. That’s why we find many Ayurvedic Panchakarma centers in Europe and other western countries. It is for the same reason the western people are inclining towards yoga more than the gym. While schools like St James Independent school in Britain are making Sanskrit compulsory, we are drifting away from the source of the deep knowledge in Vedas and other Hindu scriptures.

The educated youth of India are free to question the religious dogmas prevalent in the country. But in doing so, they should come up with research and logical questioning. It will be foolish on their part to say that something is wrong because scientists do not believe in it or haven’t found anything relevant. Instead, they must question and check the viability of Vedas, the knowledge of Ayurveda or Yoga whatever it is. Only then can they be called properly educated with a really scientific attitude. Otherwise, it’s called foolishness enshrouded with false sense of education.

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