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Opposition, the recruitment agency of protesters and fear mongers; support Modi, save India

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The way the CAA protest is being described and enacted by the opposition parties and several tukde tukde gangs by calling the protest sponsored by as ‘peoples movement’ show nothing but the lack of courage and conviction of the opposition parties to oppose CAA. Most of them want to be seen as mere only mere facilitators of the protest clearly show how scared and thoughtless are those tukde tukde political forces and the congress party of the dynast in taking a clear stand.

The tukde tukde gangs and congress party wants to take political capital on CAA protests but at the same time also wants to be careful because people of India largely support Modi and CAA. As a result of the above, most of the opposition parties want to extent tactical support to the protest and if the protest gain greater traction then catapults the protest for the political fortune and if otherwise wash the hand safely by describing the entire protest as people’s movement and the party has nothing to do with it.

The opposition parties not only have no clear agenda but also lack any conviction in opposing CAA because all those political parties know CAA is inevitable, good and progressive. But they want to muddle the people through lies and negativity and if people get muddled, make enough political fortune out of it otherwise retreat from the scene safely.

In order test the ground, they are using students. Further as it appears, the tukde tukde gangs are also acting as the job recruiting agency for recruiting people for protest against CAA. Naturally the jobless liberal left has lots to cheer with the job offer of the dynastic political parties and so too is their gratitude for their political master.

If the left liberals want to make protest as their best career option and are going to get suitably rewarded by the political parties then the left liberals has plenty of reasons to protest.

The irony is that the tukde tukde gangs have taken up CAA as their masterpiece agenda to protest.  Unfortunately they have not done their homework well to understand CAA and which way CAA is harmful to India. Since they have taken up the career of ‘protest against CAA’ and many may be on probation period as of now, they are making huge noise as they have to make their noise as loud as possible to please and impress their political master and only then they would get job confirmation.

Since they do not have any substance to oppose CAA, they are spreading fear, lies, negativity and hatred. People are sick and tired of the so called new-left-liberals and their ‘profane altruism’.

People of India are wise, matured and patriot and hence would not support any of the tukde tukde gangs or the congress party of the dynast. The CAA protest is going to fail like how the mighty army of Ravan and Duryodhana got defeated by the simple force of Lord Ram and Pandavas.

Truth, dharma and sab ka vikas are the soul missions of PM Modi but on the contrary, most of the opposition parties’ swarm around the honey comb of corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics, break India, spread lies and hatred etc. India has transformed politically since 2014 thanks to the extraordinary honest Prime Minister of India, Modi. Poor and under privileged people are empowered, their dignity is re-gained and their economic status has improved after PM Modi became Prime Minister of India.  Whereas when the opposition were ruling India, only their family wealth got fattened, their sycophants benefited the most and corruption and scams were only ruing the country.

India is just one stop away from its complete transformation and this is the time people of India must show extra resilience to pledge their solidary and unconditional support to India. Support to India is like support to PM Modi and vice versa.  Let us save India, let us support PM Modi.

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