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Fallacies of Hindutva

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It is easy to believe that Hinduism has prevailed in India and Hindutva is on the ascendancy. Such blind belief is dangerous because it results in the society losing it’s alertness. It makes one comfortable and ignore the facts on the ground. Though there are many positives in the modern Indian state, but not being able to analyse historical and present day threats will be catastrophic in the near future for each and every Indian. Here, I list common beliefs that I argue are just beliefs and that evidence available to all of us does not support such optimism.

Declining Hindu population in Bangladesh
Clear picture of Hindu persecution in Pakistan
This is what happens when Hindus become minority in Islamic countries

That Hinduism is superior to Abrahamaic religions– no, the fact that Abrahamaic religions have ruled India and the world since they were institutionalised (not ‘started’ but institutionalised) proves otherwise. From inquisitions in Goa to French & British colonialism, the driving factor was Christianity. If you read a book called Soldier Sahibs that details the missionary zeal of colonial administrators and soldiers, you will see how that religion became kinetic and remained so.

Conquistadors from Spain and genocide of original inhabitants of America’s, Australia and New Zealand again show that ultimately ‘Veer Bhogya Vasundhara‘. Here of course the ‘Veers’ are Muslims and Christians. Every passing year Abrahamaic faiths increase their geographic and demographic hold and Hindus retreat equally every year. You just have to see massive churches springing up in every Indian city with huge conversions of deprived classes using education or medical help as bribes. Of course, educated Indians send their children to fee-paying evangelical Christian public schools where they must sing the Lord’s prayer and can never learn Vande Mataram, Sanskrit, Yoga or our Shastras.

That India is essentially a Hindu nation– no, it’s a nation that allows killing, ethnic cleansing, exploitation and oppression of ordinary Hindus. Mainly Muslim gangsters in UP, Bengal, Mumbai extort, maim, kidnap and murder Hindu merchants and have been doing so in varying degrees since independence. That movie Raees, dozens of Haji Mastan and Dawood Ibrahim wannabes, plus Mumbai underworld movies reflect actual history which glorify and promote this fact. An ordinary Hindu enjoys such movies as entertainment but for a Muslim (across India and all Muslim countries) it is proof of the success of their faith in hunting kafirs that gives Muslims glory and riches. We must understand that for ordinary Muslims, Dawood Ibrahim, Masood Azhar etc. are examples of roaring success of Islam over infidels. Then it’s the slow but steady demographic and geographic asphyxiation of Hindus.

From Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sindh, Bangladesh over centuries which were all once Sanatana Dharma to the genocide of remaining Hindus over last 70 years in Pakistan and Bangladesh. To now what Yogi Adityanath correctly calls creation of 500 Kashmirs across India and of course the politically condoned ethnic cleansing and killings of Kashmiri Hindus, Hindus in Kerala, West Bengal, Assam, Western UP etc. North Eastern states becoming Christian after independence. All of this proves that India is a nation that cannot protect its citizens from Islam and evangelical Christianity. It’s a state that sometimes intentionally and at times unknowingly uses the exclusivity of state power against the basic survival of it’s Hindu population. A Pope called India as one of the few last bastions ripe for conversions, Ghazwa-e-Hind is not dissimilar. So India is not essentially a Hindu nation but a nation that is structurally, institutionally, constitutionally, politically and democratically a sanctioned hunting ground for Abrahamaic faiths.

That as long as RSS and Sangh parivar (including BJP) exist, Hindus are safe– no, RSS was formed as a militia to protect Hindus, it has metamorphosed into a welcome political and social force but what is needed are militias to protect Hindus. We already have versions of such militias in the form of paramilitary forces, Rashtriya Rifles in J&K, some police forces as long as the right government is in power in states and the centre. In fact, CISF in airports and industrial assets is also a form of militia that protects innocent Hindus. But all these forces though seem to be protecting citizens from threats, they are not defined as such.

RSS and Sangh Parivar are too scared to stand up militarily for Hindu lives. So what we have is a huge internal security infrastructure that protects Hindus from Muslims and Christian backed Naxals but they cannot save the same Hindus from communal riots where Muslims hunt Hindus as well as ethnic cleansing that has been carrying on since centuries and continues after independence. US solved similar problems from its aggressive and criminal black underbelly by allowing weapons for mainly whites, NRA was essentially formed as a white protection lobby that protects against Black and Latino criminal threats facing white America. India came up with such militias that we call Maratha empire and Sikhs. But all such protection again has been structurally, institutionally, constitutionally, politically and democratically been banned.

That India is an upcoming superpower which is naturally evidence of the success of Hindus– no, a state that claims to have the world’s second largest army but allows a clearly defined inimical state of Pakistan to wage three wars, create Khalistan movement, Kashmir and democratic sabotage in central government and various states, kill thousands of Hindus through (not so proxy) war across the country, launch attacks like 26/11. Throughout history, any state if subject to such continuing open warfare always responds. India never responds. BJP surgical strikes are too little and too late, again India is structurally, institutionally, constitutionally, politically and democratically incapable of defending itself from either Pakistan or China. Even Nepal, Bangladesh can threaten India but will never be punished. No superpower in history has reacted to such open warfare using diplomatic niceties.

That besides Israel, India is the only surviving democracy since 1950s because it is Hindu in character or as some others opine that Hinduism is the only guarantor of democracy – no, the fact that democracy has failed in most complex states shows that it only works in India as a Mayajaal. This Mayajaal is an illusion for Hindus to abstain from rightful protection of our existence against Abrahamaic faiths and inimical Islamic nations. China may be a enemy state, but it would rather have a fat trade surplus unlike Islamic states that plan for the annihilation of Hindu-majority India. Remember, China has succeeded because it’s not a democracy. Europe and (if Trump fails than even) US are committing a slow but guaranteed suicide by allowing Islam to infiltrate their democracy through mass immigration.

In India, democracy and under its garb secularism have allowed Hindus to be killed, ethnically cleansed, oppressed and our identity eroded. Short term electoral logic can never allow true Hindu emancipation. An Indian Hindu is just one election away in Mamallapuram, Aligarh or West Bengal from actual annihilation, this is the gift of democracy to an average Hindu. Remember, Israel is not a ‘secular’ democracy, it is a clearly defined Jewish state, so India cannot be compared to Israel.

That Hindu majority India compares favourably against a theocratic Pakistan– no, 15% Hindus at partition in Pakistan now almost none, 10% Muslims in India at partition now 19% (same growth of converted Christians in India) show that as a nation Pakistan has succeeded it’s theocratic aims even after losing its majority population as Bangladesh in 1971. Pakistan has not succeeded just because it has converted and killed Hindus, it has succeeded in being a cauldron of ready to die jihadis with a jihad defined army firmly focused on its survival and as a foretold reward, destruction of India by Islamic forces. The problems that Pakistan faced as a state were similar to problems faced by around 25 other nations that faced internal challenges after second world war, all other nations disappeared, but Pakistan survives. Pakistan has succeeded because it has managed to survive against all odds and it will continue to do so as a nuclear power because it is theocratic.

Pakistan is actually a dharmic nation in its true sense, it fully comprehends the second part of our shloka अहिंसा परमो धर्मः धर्म हिंसा तथैव :l The fact that it can do what its majority wants shows that it is a success in historical sense, while India for all it’s economic growth has never met even the basic requirements of an average Hindu. As a so called Hindu majority state if even Mathura, Kashi & Ayodhya cannot have just three temples restored then it is shameful (though Ayodhya may soon have a temple after 500 years). And this is not just rhetoric, Pakistan is the promised land even now for all Indian Muslims and the call to arms for not just Kashmiri Muslims but the 500 Kashmirs springing across India. Witness the slogans in CAA-NRC protests from Muslims wanting to create more Pakistans. Pakistan and Bangladesh have destroyed every iota of anything that may remotely be un-islamic in their nations, from genocide of Hindus and Sikhs, to destruction of temples and Gurudwaras, to education system that creates motivated Islamic warriors, to suppression or annihilation of Ahmadiyas, Shias, Hazaras, Baloch, Pushtuns etc.

A poor Hindu in India today may be much better off than a poor Pakistani, but 50 years from now this Indian Hindu would have either been pushed out from his lands or killed by Indian Muslims while the Pakistani though still poor would have had 40 ready-for-jihad descendants. So success must be measured as survival, here Pakistan has succeeded and will keep succeeding while Hindus in India and India as a nation has kept failing and will keep failing till the threats from Abrahamaic faiths is so great that it may result in a much more destructive civil war. It will be too late then. India has the world’s only constitutional minorytism, in other words, Hindus are barred from running their own schools and managing their own temples while Abrahamaic faiths have their own religious bodies and educational institutions like 500,000 madarsas across India.

Oppression of women under Islam compares unfavourably with the liberation of Hindu women– no, almost all women in Islamic nations with some exceptions like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia live as mothers and wives. This is seen as the horrific oppression of women by Islam. What is conveniently forgotten is the fact that Islam is the world’s fastest growing religion, it will be the largest religion very soon (may be it already is if you consider non-believer Christians and secular Hindus and Han Chinese). What is also forgotten is that the mass immigration of Africans and Muslims in Europe is predicated on low birth rates in European countries. Almost no one seems to acknowledge that it’s human women who produce children! They won’t be able to or be willing to have children if ‘developed’ economies force them to work as most do. Even in Hindu India a working wife is seen as a sign of moral & economic growth.

As a result, economies structurally become such that force both men and women to work to be able to afford basics of food, clothing, housing, education and health care. This was not the case just 50 years back. In 1950’s an average Western man was the sole bread winner and the quality of life was better in terms of purchasing power than today with dual incomes. All this time, around 48 Islamic nations have women leading fulfilling lives as mothers and wives. Most Muslim families living in West also have women as home makers at the cost of lower incomes because they know what their priorities are. There is no evidence to suggest that these Muslim women are raring to go out to work leaving their young children at home for some more income. So they end up having more children and larger families.

The future therefore is Islamic, after all no other religion or culture is likely to survive if their women won’t have children. Hindu couples in India were still having 2 children (replacement rate is 2.3), now many are having 1 and the trajectory compares unfavourably with an average Muslim woman in India or in other countries. Ask any mother of any faith if she would rather be with her young children or serving customers in a shop worried about the child who they can’t see.

India lost to Islamic conquerors because we were not united– this is again a falsehood which shows Bharatvarsha in poor light. Indian kings did not lose to Islamic hordes. Otherwise Northern India would have been ruled by Muslims from 8th century rather than 11th century. What happened was the world’s longest lasting and largest world war. If you see Aurangzeb’s campaign on the Brahmaputra against Hindu Ahom kings (Assam), he had 11000 Turkish cavalry, they had Muslims from all over fighting with them. What happened over hundreds of years was that the unproductive and economically starving areas stretching from Arabia, Turkic areas, Uzbeks, Persians, Afghans – all these populations knew the promise of a rewarding life if they go and fight against Hindu infidels in India. They would get money, lands, women and more that they could not imagine in their homelands. Plus if they die then they would be given entry into an Islamic heaven full of hoors. So Hindu kings fought against all Islamic nations with unlimited supply of fighting men, horses and queues of people willing to die for Islam.

At the same time, strong fighting castes of India were either killed as part of genocide and ethnic cleansing like several Rajput clans or they were converted to Islam on the pain of death. Additionally, reasonably healthy Hindu men, women and children were traded as slaves across Muslim world. Hindu women, children and men were an unlimited supply of slaves that degraded men available to fight in India as Hindus. No nation can continuously fight against such overwhelming military alliance for so long. But many Hindus still survive today which is testimony to our resolve in the form of Hindu Mutts set up by Adi Shankracharya, Marathas, Sikhs and various Hindu Kshatriya rulers.

Do not be mistaken, this was a world war, an armed Jihad against Hindus lasting for 1000 years since it started in 7th Century by Umayyad dynasty conquests in Sindh and it continues to this day. We know that even today in all wars fought against Pakistan; Syria, Libya, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar and many other Muslim nations provided Pakistan with equipment, money, resources, oil and more either covertly or openly.

That India is 80% Hindu even after hundreds of years of Muslim rule – this is a fallacy, Bharatvarsha that had common culture, religious practices, Sanskrit and Vedas extended from present day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh. If you take these combined populations that total to over 1.5 billion, than Hindus are 60% and Muslims (including Indian Muslims) are 40%. So India is not 80% Hindu. Additionally, let us not forget that Hindu religion (along with Buddhism) prevailed as far as Azerbaijan that is west of Iran (Baku temple), to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia (Angkor Wat), Indonesia, Malaysia and more. All these areas are no longer Hindu with small exceptions like Bali. Buddhism still survives in Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China and Japan but these are exceptions. Then, the worst outcome of last century has been the partition of India which was essentially the sacrifice of Hindu populations of Pakistan and India.

Satyamev Jayate– This is the biggest fallacy of Hindutva, we will never speak the truth about all these points above.

If we ignore the evidence that we can all see, then we do so at our own peril.

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