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Maharashtra power play, DMK has lots to worry

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The pre-poll alliance partner Shiv Sena ditching BJP for power, the new found love and unnatural marriage of Shiv Sena, NCP and INC forming a government in Maharashtra should have rattled the hopes and desire of DMK chief MK Stalin to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. In the forthcoming assembly election in Tamil Nadu how DMK is going deal the alliance formula with congress and VCK is quite curious. For VCK and congress also the recent power play has come handy to put DMK in its place and force the DMK to come for coalition government and rotational chief minister-ship in TN between the alliance parties.

To ensure such possibility, all these parties have to demand huge share during election so that none of the alliance parties can form government without the support of each other. DMK should not be allowed to get majority on its own. The best way such possibility can be achieved is by cutting down the number of seats DMK contests and the alliance parties must make sure that even if all the seats DMK wins still DMK must fall short of majority to form government.

DMK is in very precarious and merciful state today because it could not come to power in the last 10 years. If the coming assembly election DMK again loses, that is going to the end of DMK in Tamil Nadu whereas such situation does not exist for AIADMK. Therefore DMK will come for any compromise with VCK, INC and other alliance parties to come to power. Similarly the forthcoming election is ‘do or die’ match for VCK and INC in Tamil Nadu.

If VCK and INC don’t come to power by having adequate representation in power, these parties also may go irrelevant and they may be reduced to the level of ensuring DMK or AIADMK to come to power and nothing beyond that. By being a mere catalyst these parties cannot grow and expand. Therefore all the alliance partners of DMK must wake up fast and must evolve their strategy to ensure their adequate representation in the next government by forcing DMK for a coalition government. A strong DMK and Stalin as an unchallenged chief minister of TN are not good for all these parties.

Today the stature of DMK leadership is weak and evanescent and MK Stalin is seen more are an icon of sycophancy, bundle of lies & negativity, ignorance, stupidity and immaturity. He is so restless to become chief minister of the state and seems to be willing to pay any price like Shiv Sena to achieve the above goal. This is the right time for all alliance parties of DMK to extract the best from DMK and otherwise they would have to remain as fence sitters forever.

DMK also know that without alliance partners, DMK cannot contest next assembly election as they lost last assembly election to Amma for just 1-3% vote difference. The morale of DMK is all time low after the recent humiliating defeat in the recently held two by-poll election where both the constituencies AIADMK has smartly grabbed from DMK.


Maharashtra power play and the likely entry of Super Star and the possibility of him contesting along with Kamal have rattled the DMK because DMK has more at stake in the next assembly election that AIADMK. To stop DMK coming to power, AIADMK should be ready even to support the super star because only through such support AIADMK can save the state from DMK’s dynastic politics.

Another point also we must note carefully. The image of EPS and AIADMK has increased significantly and people have started to speak very positive about AIADMK and the governance of EPS.

From that perspective AIADMK coming back to power again cannot be ruled out. People have started to say DMK rides mostly on lies, negativism, anti-Hindu rhetoric, extravagant minority appeasement and caste politics. The negative politics and lies of DMK has been thoroughly exposed and the only way DMK can save its boat is by projecting VCK chief Tirumavalan as the next chief minister candidate of DMK alliance or must agree publicly on rotational chief minister-ship with the alliance parties.


When Stalin can declare his support so openly and loudly for a Brahmin (as claimed) Raghul Gandhi as the prime minister candidate of his alliance in 2019 election what can stop Stalin to declare his support for VCK chief as future chief minister candidate and showcase his commitment for positive social justice in Tamil Nadu. 

If Stalin openly declares that he is not going to contest the post of chief minister of the state and instead he is going to support only the candidature anyone from SC/ST to establish social justice, certainly he can save his face in the next assembly election.    

Only by defeating DMK, Modij’s honest rule and governance we can establish in TN in future.

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