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CAB is all about giving citizenship to persecuted Indians and not taking away: Problem of congress party in giving than taking

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Congress party of India and other tukde tukde gangs that oppose the much needed, well thought over Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) introduced by Shri Amit Shah, the Honourable Home Minister of India under the able leadership of PM Modi and BJP; has a psychological reason and hence they oppose the bill. For Congress, giving is a problem but no problem in taking everything from India.

Each and every good thing that has happened in India since independence, the one family of the congress party is ready to take the credit. But giving anything back to the nation is quite difficult and almost impossible for the congress party. Let us look at the governance style of UPA 1 and 2. Both UPA 1 and 2 were alleged to have touched the rock bottom of corruption, India was under shame and ignominy due to various scam allegations of UPA and its thick & thin alliance partner DMK.

The Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is all about giving citizenship to persecuted Indians such as Christians, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindus etc., and CAB is not about taking away the citizenship of Muslims or other minority communities. Only when someone become the citizen of this country the question of revoking or cancelling the citizenship of such individuals should be taken up for debate or question. But the proposed CAB by Modi’s government is a part of sab ka sath sab ka vikas agenda of BJP where lakhs of persecuted Indians by Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who are residing in India as refugees.


It is a crime against humanity and civility that a natural Indian has to live in India as refugee and he or she is not given citizenship that they legally, constitutionally, politically, socially, morally and ethically deserve. The CAB is the responsibility of any elected government because the government of India is mandated to do justice to India and Indians and not for Pakistani or Bangladeshi or Afghanistani people.

But the congress party and other tukde tukde gangs in the opposition are misrepresenting the facts and trying to sell false narratives about CAB to people. They want to divide the country on the line of Hindus and Muslims. Congress and other opposition parties wants to continuously milk the vote bank politics through minority appeasement and fear mongering among minority communities.

Revoking or removing the citizenship of anyone comes into effect only when the ‘someone’ under reference is already a citizen of India. But CAB is not referring to or its intention is to remove the citizenship of anyone who is already the citizen of India, irrespective of their religion or faith affiliation.


The limited objective of the CAB is to grant citizenship to all those persecuted Indians. The agenda of BJP and PM Modi are not politics but governance and equality. Social, political, economic and educational justice to people is the sole motive of BJP and only with such objectives in mind Modi government has introduced the CAB bill. But unfortunately the opposition parties especially the grand old party – Indian National Congress does not want citizenship to the granted to all persecuted Indians, as it looks like and wants to create politics out of CAB by fueling fear and suspicion among minority communities.

No citizen of India will be affected or questioned about their citizenship. It is only those non-Indians have to worry and fear and not the Indians. Persecuted Indians need justice and such justice only the motherland of all those persecuted Indians can grant and not by any other Islamic neighbouring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh or Afghanistan.

The status of minority communities such as Sikhs, Buddhist, Hindus etc., in these countries is quite bad. Under the grab of Islamic state, forced conversion or persecution is only happening to all these minority communities and many Indians who do not approve of forced conversion are fleeing to India because India is their natural country or origin.


The political forces that are rooted in corruption, dynastic politics and minority appeasement are up in ante opposing CAB because they see that all those persecuted Indians may support PM Modi and their minority base may shrink once citizenship to all those persecuted Indians are given.

It looks like congress party and other tukde tukde gangs want the persecuted Indians to remain in India as refugees, without any rights, benefits and equality because all these parties want to sustain their vote bank politics through minority appeasement.

Giving is a problem for congress party.  Look at the tradition of congress party. Sonia was the president and she bequeathed her post to her son. When her son resigns to make a big scene after terrible loss of face in 2019 parliament election, again the mother took over the party as its president. Again the president-ship of the party will go to her son. Even the party president-ship the congress party does not want to give to any other congress party worker. Good governance, congress party never want to give to India.  Otherwise India would not have been like what it was before 2014. 

PM Modi is the first Prime Minister of India since independence to recognise the basic needs to poor people and built toilets, provided cooking gas connection, provided electricity, opened bank accounts and ensured direct transfer of the schemes of government so that no pilferage take place by middlemen.

PM Modi is recognising and solving every problem of every Indian, ensuring the governance goes to their door step, make people experience and enjoy how the governance should be, what is the meaning of development and finally shows the report card on how India was under dynastic politics filled with nepotism and corruption.

India must salute PM Modi and Amit Shah for bringing CAB and people must pledge their unconditional support to Modi to save India from corrupt, dynastic forces.

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