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Blame game: A difficult choice

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I am a fine artist & an author based in New Delhi.

I support the Judiciary and will always stand by the law of our land. Has the Media been biased against anyone of the parties concerned?.

Police protest has resulted in bringing out their angst against their IPS in the public domain and to garner public opinion in their favor vide the Media. Thus leading to public debate, opinion polls, views on social and other public media platforms. 

What the innocent public is not understanding is that the Police protest vide the Media has created a dangerous precedent and that is- “CHOICE BETWEEN JUDICIARY OR POLICE AS A CULPRIT” for the people to comment & judge.

This is harmful for our nation and our democracy because such situations to malign the image of either the police or judiciary is unacceptable for a healthy democracy to function. How can the media force the public to choose, decide and give a verdict? 

This is unethical. Govt should see to it that such protests by uniformed services shouldn’t be ever repeated. Uniformed services should be kept away from forming or joining associations or unions during their service tenure. 

For the innocent public both are important and the common man sees policing as part of the Judicial system at large and not something under the home ministry.

Our media should have acted maturely and played down the issue as it has escalated due to its reporting. Our Media should now blackout all coverage regarding the issue for it to be settled in camera overtime, as the public has a short memory and people will forget the incident over a period of time.

I hope that everyone agrees to my opinion and sad incidents are not ever repeated. Democracy cannot afford or function if the people start choosing, judging, form opinions etc amongst governing bodies.

Official Secrets Act is there for this very purpose and that is to keep such interdepartmental situations under wraps.

Jai Bharat

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I am a fine artist & an author based in New Delhi.
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