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Indian Police

परिवाद/Complaint/FIR, पुलिस व सामान्य नागरिको के अधिकार

अपने क़ानूनी अधिकारों को जानना और उसका सदुपयोग करना हर भारतीय का अधिकार है और ये अधिकार उनसे कोई नहीं छीन सकता! हमारे संविधान का अनुच्छेद १४, १५, १६, १९ व् २१ हमारे अधिकारों की न सिर्फ घोषणा करते हैं अपितु उनकी पैरवी भी करते हैं।

Police reform: Need of the hour

police have become the ‘subjects’ of Parliamentarians and legislators – with a high degree of politicization and allegiance towards ruling party. India still follows the Police Act, 1861, framed by the British, largely with an aim to crush dissent.

Demigods not demons: Role of the khaki frontline warriors

Anil Kohli, Shivaji Sonawane, Yashwant Pal, these are one of the many names of the frontline police personnel who have selflessly dedicated their lives to maintain peace and order during this “mahamaari”, and gave their lives chanting one of the many slogans by the police “Zindagi maut na ban jaaye, sambhalo yaaron”.

Why our media, cops and lawmakers don’t deserve to celebrate the Hyderabad Encounter

As a society we should take our police, media, lawmakers and judiciary to task instead of celebrating their failures.

Blame game: A difficult choice

What the innocent public is not understanding is that the Police protest vide the Media has created a dangerous precedent and that is- "CHOICE BETWEEN JUDICIARY OR POLICE AS A CULPRIT" for the people to comment & judge.

पुलिस की छवि बदलता एक अफसर

जैसे पाँचों उँगलियाँ बराबर नहीं होती वैसे ही सभी पुलिस वाले भी एक जैसे नहीं होते इस बात को सिद्ध करते हैं ग्वालियर इंदरगंज थाने के टीआई अमर सिंह जी।

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