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Why RSS chief was right in saying non-Indians commit lynching, support Modi to defeat negative forces

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RSS Chief Shri Mohan Bhagawat has touched the heart and soul of the sacred Hinduism by describing how Hinduism rejects the heinous act called lynching as an imported culture and not part of Hinduism.

In some Islamic countries, cutting the hand, leg and even head publicly or hanging people in public view etc., are practiced as part of punishment. Although such public display violates human rights but such practices are always linked with certain religious culture and hence such practices are seldom questioned. Even in Bible also it is said that by throwing stones at the sinner as part of punishment. But Hinduism never believes in such cruel acts.

Lord Krishna and Lord Ram came to Bharat to promote peace, love, tolerance, karma shudhi and high moral and ethical values. Today India remains as a multi-religious country with lots of diversity in religious practices is purely due to Hinduism. Had India not been a Hindu rastra, the religious diversity that exists today in India would not have existed.

RSS chief was right in saying the concept of lynching is imported to India and not an Indian practice or culture. If any Hindu ever engages in such heinous crime, they are not only defaming Hinduism and human essence as promoted by Hinduism but also are establishing some of the very reclusive Islamic practices in India. People by engaging in lynching totally and completely defame Hinduism both through the crime that they commit against humanity and also by celebrating a Islamic and Christian practice.

The message of Shri Mohan Bhagawat to Hindus in general and RSS swayam sevaks in particular has send a clear message that Hinduism, RSS and BJP are not with such practice and those who can be changed, RSS is more willing and happy to change them by providing proper knowledge and perspectives about the crime called lynching. Only when the origin of the practice called lynching is sufficiently exposed to Hindus and makes them understand the fact that only some Islamic countries follow such practice and so is mentioned in Bible and therefore Hindus and those follow Hinduism should never engage in lynching.

Instead of engaging in such brutal crime, people should spread the glory and message of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna in our society. India is the land of spirituality, sacredness and serenity.  Hinduism is the cradle and axil of all virtues and values in the world.  Hinduism is a boundless, living culture and not a religion.

Hinduism alone can save humanity and universe from human greed, mistrust, cheating, corruption, dynastic politics, nepotism etc. Today Hinduism is facing several threats both from outside India and also from within India. Some foreign element has entered India under the garb called Indian citizen like how a wolf enters the herd of sheep by covering itself under the skin of a sheep as described in the famous story book called panchathantra and were ruing the cultural sacredness of India until Modi became prime minister of India.

Hindus alone can save Hinduism and its diversity and vibrancy.  Hinduism has several wonderful teachings which people must promote and popularise like the importance of Gita, the management wisdom of Lord Krishna, honesty and sincerity of Lord Ram and how sincere and straight forward is Modi who follows the ethos of Hinduism in letter and spirit.

The negative forces that are operating in India are trying to ruin Hinduism by targeting RSS and BJP for every crime that takes place in India. Having political or ideological differences with BJP and RSS in democracy is acceptable but such difference the opposition parties should not use to defame Hinduism which teaches nothing but truth, honesty and universal peace and love like Modi.

Every Indian is a Hindu from the cultural definition. Therefore the message of RSS chief is quite clear. People of all religious practices must learn more about Hinduism and must promote the same for universal peace. Support Modi to save India from corrupt dynastic forces waiting to hunt money from exchequer and defeat Hinduism.

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