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Even an atheist won’t support evil just to oppose God, know why opposition is not needed to Modi from ethical perspective

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The exit poll predictions clearly show that both in Maharashtra and in Haryana, BJP is set to win with massive majority and on the other hand, the opposition party – Indian National Congress under the claws of one family is going to face another humiliating defeat.

The debate is not about congress loosing elections after elections or how unwise and arrogant is its leader – the great dynast Shri Rahul Gandhi. Many people are expressing their pseudo worry and false patriotism for our nation by making a war cry that how our democracy could survive without a strong opposition.

Democracy doesn’t survive only due to or simply because of opposition. Media and judiciary too play a significant role in democracy. If media houses started to follow the true spirit of journalism and report facts and truths instead of executing their hidden political agenda, certainly our democracy would survive and grow healthy even without a strong opposition.  Similarly judiciary too is expected to respect the mandate of people and the Government has certain additional responsibilities other than constitutional one called political and therefore the judiciary must restrain itself from entertaining the petitions of some so called liberal voices and waste the time of the Honourable court.


Atheist too won’t support evil forces because they oppose God. If they have ever done so, it would look like they hate God because they love evil forces and it is not true that they do not really believe in the existence of God.

Just to make the democracy to survive in India, people of India cannot support divisive forces, forces that wants to come to power to loot our country, wants to promote family interest and dynastic politics, perpetuate nepotism and minority appeasement and make India a land of corruption and scam.

People see Narendra Modi as an embodiment of honesty, truth, dedication and commitment; have good intent, clear vision, is hardworking, decisive, development centric and is focusing on sab ka vikas.


People of India have clearly understood the fact that God is a positive force and that exist in the universe not because of the negative force called evil forces or negativity. God has come only to destroy all evil forces and liberate humanity from devils and demons that hunts humanity, impede progress and development. The question is when people see Modi as an avatar of God, how can they support those forces that oppose Modi just because they wants to oppose him.

Further the dubious records of most of the opposition parties are quite well known; most of them carry a huge baggage of dynasty, corruption charges, promote nepotism and play divisive politics of minority appeasement.

When the country is ruled by a noble, good hearted, divine persona, why such country need opposition just for the sake of opposition. Since independence Modi is the first Prime Minister to govern the state free of corruption, nepotism and dynastic political interferences.


Governing a country like India with such diversity is not that easy. No policy is going to be appealing to all the diverse regions in India and hence the larger interest of every policy alone can be taken for consideration. For example, the abrogation of article 370 and scraping of 35A, naturally the separatists and those political parties that support such agenda cannot support.  But in the larger interest of India, Modi has nullified article 370 despite opposition by congress because congress simply wants to oppose Modi and please some minority community.

Modi may have to do lot more and that does not mean the government has failed.  That is why people of India are still with Modi. People of India understands how some our babus and government officials are playing double game, supporting the opposition and delaying several path breaking government initiatives. Soon all those negative forces will be identified and frozen.

India needs no opposition as long as a noble and extraordinarily honest leader like Modi is leading the country where Shri Amit Shah remains as how Lakshman was to Lord Ram. If media houses do its job honesty instead of worrying about lack of opposition, certainly not only democracy, India also shall flourish and flower under Modi.

People of India are very optimistic, positive and want honesty and truth from those who govern India. Modi needs no opposition because people see that for God, goodness and truth to exist, we do not need evil, devilishness and dishonesty because the positive energy is not born due to negative energy. Today most of the negative forces are getting vanquished by the divine force which let us not describe as lack of opposition and democracy is at peril. Let us support Modi to make India a great land of peace, prosperity, free from dynastic politics, nepotism, corruption and minority appeasement.

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