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Nanguneri by-election in TN, congress should chain, cane and tame DMK or else would perish forever

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When DMK made a landslide victory in Tamil Nadu in the last parliamentary election, it was widely spoken, advertised and debated that the victory was the ultimate recognition for the leadership of Stalin, the president of DMK. Stalin does not have any great or charismatic leadership quality, attractive oratorical skill or inspiring knowledge about either Tamil Nadu or Indian politics when we compare his political acumen with the political maturity and intelligence of EP Palanisamy, Seeman, H Raja or Narayanan Thirupathy and many others in Tamil Nadu politics.

Like the congress dynast Raghul Gandhi, Stalin is also by birth was very fortunate to be the son of M Karunanidhi, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and president of DMK. Karunanidhi has indeed made a marble print in Tamil Nadu politics through his political and leadership acumen and scholarship in Tamil language. But Stalin does not seem to have any of those qualities of his father but by virtue of he being the son of Karunanidhi, could take over the throne without any resistance or protest.

The recent parliamentary election in Vellore has broken the myth that Stalin is a great leader with exemplary leadership acumen as the DMK candidate just escaped defeat with very thin margin of about 8000 votes.

The victory of DMK candidate in Vellore should have made Stalin to worry more than feel jubilant because the pyric victory in Vellore within weeks after the massive mandate of DMK in parliament election clearly exposes the vote share of DMK and the leadership acumen of Stalin.

Now the situation of DMK is that Stalin needs the mercy and kindness of congress and VCK to win election and not the other way. The stakes of Stalin in winning next election is much higher than that of VCK or left or Congress party. Therefore DMK must bend, kneel, supplicate and submit before congress and VCK if the ambition of Stalin to become the next chief minister of TN to be taken anywhere closes to white town (Fort St. George).

It was the congress and VCK had scripted the victory of DMK and otherwise DMK would have faced yet another waterloo battle.

By-election to Naguneri is quite likely to be announced soon. Nanguneri was represented by congress candidate who resigned after he got elected to Parliament from Kanyakumari. Congress party must assert itself to contest from Nanguneri which DMK wants to snatch away from congress. Nanguneri has elected the congress candidate and if congress party gift the constituency to DMK, naturally the congress would lose the support of people of Nanguneri as well. Already congress party is a drying pond but it has an edge in TN as congress party is the real strength of DMK. If congress gifts Nanguneri to DMK, congress would be consciously writing own epitaph.

DMK is all time weak. Although the party remains united, its leadership is quite weak both from the leadership quality and charisma. Only the members of sycophancy club of DMK are still promoting and projecting the leadership of DMK as strong.

If congress ever can make a hard bargain and can be very assertive and dominant, it is in TN and with DMK. DMK cannot face next election without congress and VCK. If DMK ever dare to adventure such politics and get defeated again, then DMK as a political party would disappear from Indian political map like how the Mughal rule became part of our history text book.

Therefore congress party should not yield to DMK and must get ready to contest alone and even if it loses, congress must ensure the defeat of DMK. Only when congress proves that it can also defeat DMK, it can tame and chain DMK for a better deal. Next assembly election should give a coalition government and not a single party rule, especially by DMK.

If congress party and VCK allow DMK to come to power, both these parties have to remain as wagging tail to either of the dominant parties in the state forever.

As far as the forthcoming by-election and local body election are concerned, congress and VCK must assert their position in such a way that DMK can win only with their mercy otherwise both these parties can also easily defeat DMK.

The big political challenge of VCK and Congress party are not AIADMK but controlling and caging DMK both by victory and defeat. Assertive politics of congress party alone can save the party in Tamil Nadu. With reference DMK’s winning prospects, congress party and VCK are at ground level stronger than DMK because the fear of another poll defeat of DMK would make DMK party part of our history text book and lost memory.

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