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Investigation of PC, vendetta politics or part of Ram Dharma

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The opposition parties along with so called liberal journalists and so claimed sole owners of secularism in India often allege that the investigation and subsequent arrest of former home and finance minister of India for interrogation in connection with money laundering case in INX media case where several visible trails of money is been reported to have obtained from the custody of Kartik Chidambaram, son of the former home and finance minister of India, P Chidambaram.

We must remember the famous saying “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion”. From that perspective, P Chidambaram should have shown more grace and maturity to willingly submit him to the investigating agencies if he believes he is innocent and the case against him is part of political vendetta. P Chidambaram being a lawyer as well should give him confidence that any case if foisted against him as a part of political vendetta will not sustain in court of law. When Tehelka controversy broke out, LK Advani immediately quit and promised the world that he would come back to politics only after proving his innocence. When Narendra Modi and Amit Shah were tortured so badly by the then congress dispensation, both Modi and Amit Shah co-operated fully with the investigating agencies, proved their innocence not only in the court of law but also with people of India at large and that is how PM Modi got massive mandate both in 2014 and also in 2019. Even in 2024 also PM Modi would even bigger mandate as his governance is free of corruption, nepotism, and dynastic politics and is fully focused on development, sab ka vikas and sab ka vishwas.

BJP and PM Modi not just follow the political ideologies of BJP and are after political mileage but believes, follows and promotes the sacred Indian culture and tradition called Hindu sanadana dharma. Lord Ram waged war against Ravan and finally killed the demon king of Lanka.  Ravan was a demon king, merciless and brute was known to all. Further Ravan also abducted mother Sita, the wife of Lord Ram. Can we reduce the entire essence and spirit of Ramayan written by sage Valmiki also as political vendetta of Lord Ram against Ravan? Even if Ravan had not abducted mother Sita, the incarnation of Lord Ram was to destroy the demon king Ravan and grant him moksha. Similarly the purpose of Lord Krishna was also to annihilate adharma and untruth from earth. Lord Krishna too was subjected to several travesties by Kamsa and many of his associates.  Therefore can we reduce the avatar secret of Lord Krishna who killed Kamsa too was nothing but political vendetta

Whenever adharma grows without any limit and control, whenever greed maul good governance and yield to rampant corruption and nepotism, whenever coalition compulsion give way for several allegations like 2G, coal allocation, CWG, Adharsh etc., and when helpless people yawns for a change, the incarnation of Lord become a necessity.

If an ordinary citizen makes an over cry over any such investigation can be some extent justifiable as he or she has to fight as an individual. But the person like P Chidambaram is part of an important political party in India, he is quite influential and himself is also a brilliant lawyer. Therefore where is the scope for P Chidambaram to run after anticipatory bail and make war cry that the initiatives against him as part of political vendetta/conspiracy?

Need of the hour is not mere cleaning up of the system and de-weeding of all corrupt elements but a spiritual awakening and consciousness also we need to bring in our country. The mythological and vedic values will certainly impart not only confidence but also clarity to most of actions and give scope for introspection and corrections.

S Ranganathan

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