Saturday, April 10, 2021


Chidambaram raided

Never wants to be ‘Et tu, Brute’ show of P Chidambaram, an anticipatory olive branch

In a recent statement, P Chidambaram who is serving prison term in Tihar jailinnocently claims that he doesn’t even know why he has been arrested, mocks the entire establishment, possibly including the judiciary for arresting him.

SC elated the confidence of common man with its superb verdict on P Chidambaram

The verdict of Honorable Supreme Court of India rejecting the bail plea of P Chidambaram which was summarily rejected by the lower court earlier with very caustic remarks like ‘Kingpin’ is seen by common man as justice has been done by the court.

Investigation of PC, vendetta politics or part of Ram Dharma

here is the scope for P Chidambaram to run after anticipatory bail and make war cry that the initiatives against him as part of political vendetta/conspiracy?

भ्रष्ट देशद्रोहियों से निपटने में मोदी सरकार नाकाम?

क्या सरकार ललित मोदी और विजय माल्या के भागने से कोई भी सबक लेने को तैयार नहीं है की कार्ति चिदंबरम को देश छोड़ कर इतनी आसानी से जाने दिया?

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