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Never wants to be ‘Et tu, Brute’ show of P Chidambaram, an anticipatory olive branch

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The recent statement of P Chidambaram who is serving prison term in Tihar jail as a part of judicial custody for interrogation innocently claims that he doesn’t even know why he has been arrested. Through the above statement he tries to patronage not only his alleged innocence but also mocks the entire establishment, possibly including the judiciary for arresting him. But people of India are no fools and therefore even if he speaks truth people would wash his all statements twice and only then would decide whether to believe it or not.

It looks like he wants to send out a message that he doesn’t want to become an ‘Et tu, Brute’ looks like an attempt to infuse confidence in ‘SOMEONE’ so that the ‘SOMEONE’ can be confident and can do all possible from outside….. what exactly is difficult to decode.

P Chidambaram was known for obtaining anticipatory bail and from that perspective if we analyse his present gesture, it looks like he is serving an olive branch to someone in advance: for what, is not clear.

The statement of P Chidambaram looks like a stick and carrot where he is offering carrot in advance so that he will be duly reciprocated by carrot and otherwise he doesn’t mind using the stick as well. By making the above statement that he does not want any more arrests, he is attempting to caricature the investigations and litigation in India which he himself had headed in the past as countries home minister.

No amount of rhetoric or olive branches are going to serve any good to him if the evidences are undeniable. By making a changeling story that he doesn’t know why he is arrested and imprisoned shows how intoxicated he is with arrogance and higher echelon thinking.

How our investigating agencies and judiciary can arrest and put under judicial remand a person of his stature with out any merit or shred of evidence. This question is being asked by all most all Indians and hence none of his brazen attempts are going to earn him any sympathy or support.

No body is charging him guilty but at the same time no one thinks he is totally innocent and his hands are likely to be clean. It can be interpreted that there was a gang or team might have worked to execute certain scams in an intelligent fashion and when the evidences point towards one of them, naturally the one would be investigated both under police and judicial custody. The message is that I have not named any of you so none of you have to have any worry and if you are investigated, take this message and act accordingly. This is how many people read the statement of P Chidambaram.

Why should P Chidambaram behave like Thenalis cat, exhibit so much of resistance and restlessness. If he is so innocent, he can easily walk free like a martyr by breaking the case because he is innocent. Why his innocence is not giving him confidence, instead it produces tides of restlessness, stupidity, brazen attempt to sell to the world that he is born innocent and why should he serve olive branch to his team mates in the ministries that he had served in the past as home minister and finance minister.

PM Modi must ensure that all corruption cases must be disposed off fast and all those guilty must be punished. The likely question people of India are going to confront Narendra Modi in 2024 is that how many corrupts have been punished so far by his government.

If the investigating agencies prove the guilt of P Chidambaram beyond any reasonable doubt, certainly the investigating agencies and our legal process will gain enormous credibility and support from common man. The point is not about punishing P Chidambaram but the legal system must be fair and transparent in punishing P Chidambaram if he is guilty. He should be treated like any other ordinary citizen of this country. A person of P Chidambaram’s stature is if punished based on the merit of the case and availability of undeniable evidences, certainly people of India would believe that PM Modi is credible and walk the talk with references to his commitment and promise towards eliminating corruption and scams in our country.

In sea, spotting and catching a big fish is relatively easy but in Indian politics, the big fish cannot be touched because it is big. PM Modi must re-write the above untold law and must ensure confidence upon the ordinary man that he will spare none if they are corrupt and guilty.

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