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SC elated the confidence of common man with its superb verdict on P Chidambaram

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The verdict of Honorable Supreme Court of India rejecting the bail plea of P Chidambaram which was summarily rejected by the lower court earlier with very caustic remarks like ‘Kingpin’ is seen by common man as justice has been done by the court. Justice is not done just to India but also it reinforced the merit, independence and autonomy of the lower court.

The question is not about whether P Chidambaram is guilty or innocent but he is a very influential person and therefore he can delay even the investigation let alone filing FIR and legal process. The SC in its verdict clearly stated that the investigating agencies need free hand and independence and therefore the appeal of P Chidambaram deems no merit and lack any fitness to entertain.

In anticipation of an interrogation and possible arrest, P Chidambaram has been obtaining anticipatory bail for nearly 100 times which is quite unusual and almost impossible for the ordinary citizen of India. This pre-emptive clever move of P Chidambaram which is otherwise not possible for any ordinary citizen has infuriated large sections of people and they want P Chidambaram must cooperate with the agency like any ordinary citizen to boost the morale of both the congress party and the office that he held in the past such as Minister of Home and Minister of Finance.

The possibility of P Chidambaram getting bail on September 5 2019 looked quite easy until the Honourable judge ask for the evidences from the investigating agency in a sealed cover. On submission, it looks things have changed totally and finally the fate of P Chidambaram has landed him in Tihar jail under judicial custody.

No one is pronouncing P Chidambaram is guilty or innocent but people are angry with how P Chidambaram is scuttling the law to delay the process. There is also a section of people think that if he is innocent why should he avoid custodial interrogation or judicial interrogation and once he proves his innocence, he becomes martyr in politics as well as for the congress party. Is there anything rotten in Denmark which compels P Chidambaram to delay even the preliminary investigations?

No other politician in India would have explored the legal options beyond the text book of law and law under practice like P Chidambaram to avoid custodial interrogation and judicial custody, especially Tihar jail.

The resistance, fear, anxiety and exploration of all legal options by P Chidambaram to prove that he is an extra-constitutional citizen of India and he is not an ordinary citizen shows his higher echelon mind set as well as smelling rat somewhere. Another twist of the tale is that P Chidambaram is embroiled in several investigations like Aircell Maxis, INX, Aircraft purchase etc.

When P Chidambaram himself when attempts to prove he is not an ordinary citizen and how can the public believe that the investigating agencies can book a person of such stature so easily in several cases without strong evidence?

The case of P Chidambaram is indeed an acid test for the agencies to prove their acumen, intent, impartiality and intelligence in justifying all the evidences that they have gathered support their findings.

PM Modi also must ensure speedy judicial process if possible so that the question of what action the government has taken against all those corruption allegations that BJP made before come to power.

The lower court verdict in 2G case has in fact demoralized both the investigating agency and the government from the point of view of the high decibel allegations and the possible loss of money to the exchequer due to 2G scam.

Therefore punishing the guilty is not the only thing people expect but also the credibility of all such allegations made by the respective political parties during election under test. It is also the credibility of the political parties put under test.

If P Chidambaram is convicted based on the evidences if they are fact based and legally tenable, certainly that would not only set the confidence and independence of judiciary and the investigating agencies which is under suspect these days but also would boost the morale the BJP that most of the allegations of BJP would be seen by people of India are based on strong evidence and BJP is a very credible party.

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