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Congress has gone into the cocoon of DMK and SP by opposing scrapping of 370?

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Was the congress party opposing the bill scrapping 370 in J&K brought by PM Modi in Parliament a grave mistake of? Without taking any breathe or pause, one can say with great confidence and conformity that congress has committed a grave mistake, betrayed the national interest, defeated the spirit and letter of India and that is how several people of India believe and see the politics of the congress party.

Congress’s saga of mistakes doesn’t end with opposing the bill or exposing its ignorance and bankruptcy by asking whether the issue is internal or international during the debate in parliament, the gravest mistake of congress party was how it had cited the support of some tukde tukde gangs both in Rajya Sabha and Parliament to its stand against immobilizing article 370. For DMK, for example, opposing the bill is not going to affect in any which way and the same gesture the party would project as its on-going minority appeasement politics. At national level what is the image of DMK is well known and the entire reputation of UPA2 was at stake thanks to DMK and that is how the perception even today.

For SP and left also, there is nothing to lose by opposing the bill as their base is fast eroding and have already reached sub-microscopic level in Indian politics. Therefore trumpeting the support of DMK, SP etc., congress has in fact ruined its image at national level. On the other hand, the regional parties have gained something at the expense of congress party. When the congress party gets weaker and weaker, naturally the congress party has to fall at the feet of the regional forces. The regional parties can always use the congress party as its ladder to showcase its presence at national level.

Congress party has virtually fallen into a trap due to ignorance, delusion, entitlement politics, nepotism, sycophancy, lack of idea, agenda, clarity, vision, leadership and finally honesty. As long as congress party tries to ride over the back of regional parties, it is going to diminish continuously. Congress can revive only by opposing and defeating the regional parties and even if such politics may cause significant loss to it in near future, but still congress must engage only in such politics and only then it can regain its national identity.

Tamil Nadu is an excellent playground for congress party. DMK is weak in leadership although its cadre base is quite strong. Congress must exploit the opportunity and must oppose DMK to regain its lost identity in TN. If congress party wholeheartedly project Thol. Tirumavalavan of VCK as chief minister candidate and tries to galvanize the support of other smaller parties in the state, it can easily defeat DMK in the state and also it can create its strong foot print in TN.

On the other hand if congress decides to remain as Tanpura (तानपूरा or tambura, tanpuri), it has to remain in the scene forever without any significance and always at the mercy of the main singer. But unfortunately some congress leaders from TN who had decorated the congress government in the past by occupying different positions like Home Minister, Finance Minister etc., can reach Delhi only with the grace and charity of DMK and hence may be advise the congress party to play the role of Tanpura than go for an orchestra.

It is so unfortunate a national party, a party older than our nation; from the day we got our independence, has reduced to a level where it is trumpeting the support of DMK, SP etc., to oppose the bill proposed to paralyze article 370 in J&K as success.

Are SP and DMK going to build the national image of congress party? Congress party must see India more than anything including its poll victory. PM Modi always kept the nation above everything, including party politics. PM Modi always works for development of the nation, sab ka vikas and one India where every Indian are equal partners and beneficiary in building New India.

Congress party has disgusted Indians with its third rate politics. Already the party has done enough harm to our country by way of engaging in all kinds of corrupt practices, nepotism, minority appeasement, dynastic politics etc., and recently it has also showed its ugly face and dirty teeth by opposing the ethos of one India.

S Ranganathan

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