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We remember Ravan, Kamsa and Hiranyakashipu thanks to Lord Ram and Krishna, so shall the 49

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The self-designated, self-defined, self-appointed guardians of secularism, democracy, free speech and safety of minority community have developed the habit of criticizing Prime Minister Narendra Modi for everything like how dynast and AAP leader Aravind Kejriwal have been doing.

We must approach all those self-declared intellectuals with pity, empathy and sympathy than with anger or hatred. Unfortunately all those so called intellectuals are searching their identity which they could not trace even from within. Wherever they search their identity, all they could find is PM Modi, his good governance, scam free administration, politics free of nepotism and dynasty, governance free of sycophancy etc.

The glory and reputation of PM Modi is growing day by day and his honesty and simplicity have touched almost every heart in India. It is natural that the 49 is bound to get jealous and restless of the reputation of PM Modi. PM Modiji is revered and respected by everyone because he is honest, promote merit and not caste politics, promotes development of the nation and not development of one family or, nepotism or corruption. Today people see, witness and experience the transformations in several frontiers due to PM Modi so they overwhelmingly support him.

All the 49 intellectuals could have joined PM Modi and supported either water conservation program, or Swatchh Bharat programme or promoting merit based politics or promoting the new educational policy or could have helped India to revive our ancient cultural treasure – Hinduism and could have got some relevance. But it appears none of the 49 self-proclaimed intellectuals ever wants to engage positively and support the mission of New India but instead want to get some space in history by attacking PM Modi.

Today we remember Ravan, Kamsa etc., hanks to Lord Mahavishnu and his 10 avatars. Ravan, Kamsa and Hiranyakaship could have joined the mission of Lord Ram or Krishna and could have corrected all their sins but instead they chose to be greater sinners, started to commit more sins by killing all those praise Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

The attempt of some self-appointed guardians of democracy and free speech are doing nothing but playing the role of Ravan or Kamsa to enter into the history book through door. When they self-designate that they are the custodians of democracy and secularism they should have joined the mission of New India invoked by PM Modi and thereby could have entered into the history book through front door, but when the thoughts and spirit of some people are that of Ravan or Kamsa, nothing can be done except we should leave them to their peril.

India has changed and advanced ahead. People support PM Modi because he is honest and has dedicated his life for development of India and sab ka vikas. PM Modi tries to create a new order of politics where every Indian has equal opportunity to grow, contribute and take pride. When such India is built naturally all those tukde tukde gangs, sycophants and punkah coolies of dynasts and self-appointed intellectuals will not have much role if they do not change their negative attitude and self-importance. They are unwilling to change and therefore they attack PM Modi and that is how people of India view their attempt.

Indians will remain firm with PM Modi, will offer their unconditional support to make India a great country, country free from dynastic politics, corruption, nepotism and negativity. India also will be united as a country where people from all religion invoke the spirit and feeling of brotherhood through our ancient treasure- Hinduism and Jai Sri Ram.

S Ranganathan

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