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‘The paradox of tolerance’ of Hinduism and minority appeasement, let us support Narendra Modi and save India

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Karl Popper in 1945 defined a term called the paradox of tolerance which states that if a society or group of people or a particular religion/culture is tolerant without any limit, its goodness to be tolerant is being exploited and used by the intolerant.  And that is intolerance emerge in any society in general.

Hinduism is one of the ancient living cultures in the world and even we can say that Hinduism is the cradle of all human civilization, value systems, ethics, morality and the law of equal worth and spirit. Hinduism promote and perpetuate the above values not only among human beings but also with nature and its species diversity.

No culture of any religion is as diverse, vibrant, tolerant and open as Hinduism and at the same time, is also celestially intelligent and inexplicably vast and fulfilling, both the body and the soul of every human being. The goodness of Hinduism, the true way of happy and responsible life has been misused by several political parties in India. By way of minority appeasement and sowing the seeds of insecurity among minority community, the tukde tukde gangs in Indian politics has misinterpreted the abysmal tolerance of Hinduism and fueled unnecessary division among minority communities.

The law of the paradox of tolerance of Hinduism has been virtually exploited by congress party in India and also by other regional players and they collectively kindled many religious leaders of certain minority community to be intolerant and rally their people to vote against PM Modi by describing BJP as anti-minority party.

In truth the congress party of the dynast and other regional parties are the one cheated and fooled the minority communities and cleverly cultivated vote bank politics with the innocence, gullibility and illiteracy of certain minority community and kept them as their political hostage in the name of secularism.

The real tyranny of India is not poverty or diversity but the innocence and illiteracy of people and how the congress party and other tukde tukde gangs have exploited such innocence of minority community, to be in power. Through such merciless exploitation, several dynastic political parties had emerged in India and also ruined India to a great deal.

Thanks to the entry of Modi, people have started to realize the dirty politics of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs and were injecting politics of hatred, negativity, lies etc., to divide people and fear monger minority community against majority community. The best example is the politics of DMK in Tamil Nadu.

Today several Christian Missionaries are openly misusing the premises dedicated for spiritual activities to tell people to vote against BJP possibly at the behest of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs and this is happening only because of the tolerance paradox of Hinduism. Need of the hour is that people must re-trace the essence of Hinduism and how it elevates human life, its thinking and actions, how spiritually evolved is the culture of Hinduism etc., so that India’s ageless great culture we can regain and also can establish new rule of peace and harmony. The Hindu consolidation is inevitable and must happen to save India and rescue our precious cultural identity and soft power to rule the world.

PM Modi is working hard for the country where development and sab ka vikas shall be the focus and not minority appeasement or abusing majority. In the recent past, the dynast of the congress party suddenly wore the garb of Hindu, identified himself as born Brahmin, Siva Bakth and protector of cows. But his Hindu and Brahmin identity he displayed only in North India and when he campaigned in South and other parts of India became the custodian of secularism by also revealing his Christian Italian gene.  His pseudo-secular credentials are well known and so is his love for secularism.

People of India tore apart his true political character and trueness like how the dynast tore government ordinance of his own government in public where the ordinance was aimed to protect Lalu by the then UPA2.

The Dynast tried all tricks in the book to mesmerize people of India but people of India made a wise decision to support PM Modi and save India. The honesty and personal integrity of PM Modi, his focus on development and sab ka vikas and the transformative initiatives taken by PM Modi in the last 5 years made the people of India to elect Narendra Modi and save India.

People of India must work even harder to eliminate congress party and other tukde tukde gangs from Indian politics. Good governance by noble leader– PM Modi needs no opposition. When the county is going to get united under its sacred cultural identity called Hinduism, India does not require opposition and instead PM Modi must be supported to make India one nation, one election, one ration card, one party- BJP and one leader -Narendra Modi.

S Ranganathan

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