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The dynast and opposition hasn’t blamed PM Modi for India’s loss against New Zealand in the semi final

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People of India must dream and work hard for New India as envisaged by PM Modi and should not consider either the dynast or the born belater Arvind Kejariwal or other opposition parties like DMK which always engages in spreading lies, negativity, hate politics and blaming PM Modi for everything. Luckily the dynast and his sycophants have not blamed Narendra Modi for India’s loss against New Zealand in the world cup semi-final.

When Kapil Dev won the world cup in cricket in 1983, it was Indira Gandhi the prime minister of India and similarly when Mahendra Singh Dhoni won the world cup again in 2011 it was Manmohan Singh the prime minister of India. Therefore congress sycophants and punkah coolie club members can easily attribute the world cup victory in the past was due to Gandhi family and luckily did not blame PM Modi for the world cup loss in 2019.

The above metaphor may appear humorous and demeaning of the opposition parties, but that is how most of the opposition parties and they dynast are behaving in Indian politics. At the regional level, DMK in Tamil Nadu is selling as much lie and hate politics as it can sell to the people of the state.

Mosquito not only can spread deadly malaria but also can spoil our sleep. But total elimination of mosquito is not possible and all we can do is use mosquito net or mosquito mat or other means.  And also remove all possible breeding places of mosquito.

Today people of India also must guard themselves and the country from those who spread negativity, hate politics and politics of dynasty and nepotism. All those dynastic parties have only one goal, abuse PM Modi. From their point of view, they have sufficient and justifiable reasons to dislike and hate PM Modi.

Narendra Modi is honest, incorruptible and very decisive. Unfortunately all these qualities are Modi goes against the political philosophy of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs. Their fear is that when Indians started to recognize the honest, incorruptible leadership quality of PM Modi, people would continue to elect PM Modi and would continue to reject all those corrupt parties. The problem of the dynasts in Indian politics is that they neither can become honest nor can abandon their desire for power to loot the nation.  Only person who is blocking all their chances is PM Modi, therefore abuse PM Modi is their politics.

Modi want to develop India and achieve sab ka vikas. But on the contrary the dynast and other opposition parties especially the DMK want the development of one family and not of the country. Therefore once again they have genuine reason to hate and dislike Modi.

Modi is uniting India, invoking the cultural heritage of India and reviving the tolerant cultural identity of India – Hinduism. If the above sentiments are revived in India in letter and spirit, India would grow as one nation, one election, one tax, one political party and one leader Modi. On the contrary the dynast and tukde tukde gangs were dividing the country, appeasing minority, fear mongering, abusing Hinduism etc., and on this count also, the reforms initiated by Modi goes against their existence in Indian politics. When Modi through his transparent governance makes Indian electorates wise and intelligent, the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs cannot fool Indian voters, cannot sell lies and hate politics and therefore they find many reasons to hate Modi.

The above elaborations are not meant to show how different is Modi from the dynast and other tukde tukde gangs which is well known to people of India. The aim of the writing is to warn and caution people not to fall into the false propaganda of dynast and other opposition parties.

India has to be transformed into a dream land of the world, ultimate destination of manufacturing and service sector, peaceful place to live and experience and enjoy the sacred culture of the land- Hinduism. For this purpose people must pledge their unconditional support to Modi and BJP.

Development of the state can be achieved only when the government is stable and the leader is decisive and sincere. Look at the situation in Karnataka where two corrupt political parties have undermined the democracy and are destroying the state. This would the result of coalition government. India needs unison spirit in politics where Indians must support he ethos of one India, one election, one ration card, one cultural identity, one political party and one leader Modi. Let us re-pledge our unconditional support to Modi and let us make New India.

S Ranganathan

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