It is Modi v2.0 but leftist are still left v1.0: Same old version, same old tricks

Indian leftist so-called intelligentsia is at arms with Modi government since it came to power in 2014. False narrative and selective outrage have been the weapon of the left since the term ‘left’ came into existence.

They tried their best to ousted the Modi Government by propagating false narratives and outraging over selective issues to show the government in a bad light in front of the masses. But they failed miserably and the people were able to see through the propaganda and gave Modi government another five years. However, Modi v2.0 is still suffering from the same Left v1.0 which have the same modus operandi. I’ll give them a few points for not giving up on their propaganda machine even after being nose rubbed on the ground by the citizens of this nation. 

Now, just like the last time, this so-called leftist liberal intelligentsia is using one of the most famous weapons in their arsenal – THE OPEN LETTER. If you believe the report of Lutyens media, 49 so-called ’eminent citizens’ of India wrote an open letter to the PM about the rising intolerance against a particular minority community. In the letter, they did what the left, so-called low IQ intelligentsia, is good at. Cherry-picking incidents, taking them out of context, presenting them as hate crimes and conveniently ignoring all crimes which are committed by the peaceful minority on the majority community.

The so-called ‘Eminent Personalities’ which we’re talking about here consist of mostly directors, singers, and other artists about whom the majority of people doesn’t know until now that they exist. Few of them who are a little bit better known than the others consist of Anurag Kashyap, Aparna Sen, etc.

Anurag Kashyap known as a low IQed buffoon among the right-wing Twitterati is known for his bigoted tweets and Hinduphobia. It is understandable that such a letter will have his signature on it but the thing that surprises most of us was the absence of Swara Bhaskar, for whom Mughals were the reason for India being rich. It surprises most people including me that how come this famous urban Naxal, who campaigned for her urban Naxal friends in the general election (all of them lost btw), was not present to grace this letter with her name sothat she can stay in the limelight and remain a prominent member of the breaking India club.

These “eminent citizen” was shown their place very beautifully by Arnab Goswami when he barged in their press conference and exposed them tooth and nail. Lutyen media like a pet dog came running to rescue these low IQed intelligentsia and started to demonize Arnab and why won’t they? Arnab has ended their monopoly on the national narrative and Lutyens media is in a rattled state right now especially after the formation of NBF (News Broadcasting Federation) with Republic TV as its center.

So, to all the citizens of India who are not so “eminent” like these buffoons, I hope most of you will be able to look through this propaganda and are not influenced by the stunts of these pseudo-liberals. For the remaining bootlickers of these breaking India forces, I hope god provides you with some brain and bring you on the right side of the spectrum.

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