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Full text of Rahul Gandhi’s original resignation letter

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Rohit Kumar
Just next to me is Rohit. I'm obsessed of myself. A sociology graduate, keen in economics and fusion of politics.

It was very easy for me to loot the Corruption Party, whose demerit and defects had snatched the lifehood of India. I owe the group of dumb and my slaves a debt of extraordinary slavery and toadyism.

As THE President of the Corruption Party, I am not responsible for the loss of 2019 election (It’s Prez of BJP). Corruption is necessary for running the party (Modi has stooped all those ways). This is the reason I have resigned as the president of Corruption Party.

I require a holiday in Thailand that will make slaves away from me. And I desperately need KOKIN now.


Many of my PIDDI suggested that I nominate the next Corruption President. While it is obvious to make a slave, the Corruption President. Our party has a very bad history and baggage, and those things which I connect the most. It has become very hard to win the trust of people because people have become smarter in NEW INDIA.

Even before my resignation, I have selected the dumbest among my PIDDIS for the president of Corruption Party. Also, I have directed my slaves to act correctly so that the dumb would look suitable. I have done that because I don’t lose remote control (As my Mom did by selecting MMS), I don’t want to give a fair chance to some young and eligible like Shajad Poonawalah.

I simply tried my best to grab the political power not because every living cell of my body hated BJP but because I did not have to believe in the idea of India. This hatred arises because my being permeated with Italian idea, which has been in direct conflict with the Indian one. It was more than battle, it has been waged on our(Italian) soil for many years, remember WWII and Mussolini. So, I took the help of China, London School of Economics and Cambridge Analytica.


But Indian is even smarter than Cambridge Analytica, my whole investment has wasted.

I supported all those personality and groups who opposed the idea of India, be it Kanahiya Kumar, Sahela Rashid or Indian Muslim League.

I tried all way to malign not only Narendra Modi but also the institution of India like Indian Army, Election Commission of India, etc. We were a drove of asses who could not fight with the tiger of India. I thought RSS people are COW, but there is a difference between praying the cow and bring it.


Corruption Party can win the national election only when institutions, media would be managed. People like Rawish Kumar, Vinod Dua, Dhruv Rathee do not sound convincing.

We do not fight election only against a political party, but against the whole bunch of patriotic and progressive people. Although a minuscule number of people has still hope in my Italian model, so I am not going to return from

India, until fully fucking those people. And we will continue to crush the religious essence of Indian and keep abusing constitution, democracy. I will pay my duty to #UrbanNaxal, terrorist, separatist.

Thank You all those dumb who still support me unconditionally. I also have some regard to them who has sympathy over my own dumbness.

Special thanks to Khan Market gang, who wrote the script of my speeches and tried their best to build my a good perception about me. But let them know that people of India are no more dumb like me and them.

At last, I want to beg sorry to live translator of me on various campaigning stage.

Rahul Vinci

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Rohit Kumar
Just next to me is Rohit. I'm obsessed of myself. A sociology graduate, keen in economics and fusion of politics.

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