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Confessions of a LeLi worm: Episode 1: Farts don’t douze the fire

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Today we are marching with candle to show solidarity with our oldest flipflop comrade Pidilitis. It (out of he/she/it… we care for gender neutrality) might seem always be confused but since we have been attacked by bigoted fascist antibody agent and his force of bodilists, Pidi has been always supportive to us.  But unfortunately today it is on deathbed. If Pidi had been powerful enough, our colleague Femilitis demand of gender neutral public toilets would have been realised and we could have dwelled in the comforts of the toilets rather than fighting fundamentalists and male chauvinists in the body of our Master. But Alas….. !

There was a time when we used to rule many parts of the body. At peak of our glory, the mind and heart of the body was captured by us. We were able to sell many organs of our master to foreign bodies as we dwelled as parasites on rich nutrition of the body.  Infact we have global network of Lelis from Europe and UK to USA and can mobilise an epidemic in few minutes. We could control young cells and inject them with Lelivirus. We could cripple the body of master and get away with rich nutritions pretending to support the body. Along with Marxilitis and Chrislamilitis, we had dream of digging the grave of our master and we were on path of success……..But Alas….!

To be frank, lately we have had to see defeat at the hands of nazi antibodies all over world. We don’t enjoy same  privilege that we used to, because of access to social neurocircuits by antibodies, which we ruled till now. My master’s body is injected with bitter capsules to heal the body and we can’t help but outrage. And we are not alone in it. Our Chaddi Buddies, FoS and FoE (special type of imported worms which replaced good strong desi worms) along with bloody media through which we flow in the body are with us. Except for few bloody media cells, who have been infected by bodilists and have turned against us.  But we are quite creative in our outrage, sometime we return our old assets, flood social neurocircuits with selective contents along with foreign comrades, write letters to our master reminding him to be tolerant to our shit and of course our favourite is candle light vigils. But alas….!

Now the fire of bodilists have spread wide and far. They are growing in numbers. They are working in tandem with master. They mock us with names like sickular (of course we are in business of making people sick, but how can they say it?) and prestitutilitis (as if they are any less sold out). Organ by organ, cells have turned against us. The organs which were far off and cut off from main bloodstream , were also now under their influence. We have also been defeated in foreign bodies also. So far we have survived because we had our agents in the judicious mind and bloody media in the body, we had our cells active in labourous hands and legs of the body. But its declining rapidly.  And only thing we know is to outrage. And that’s what we are doing to save ourselves and our comrades pidilitis. We thought our outrage would limit the spread of fire and we kept on outraging over everything shamelessly.  But alas…!

We didn’t realise that Farts don’t Douze the Fire….  only helps spreading it…!

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