Thursday, May 23, 2024
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Confessions of a LeLi worm: Episode 1: Farts don’t douze the fire

Congress and Left Liberals are two sides of the same coin. Can they survive without each other?

Let us align with Vedic Calendars

Its high time we realize that we need not follow idiotic and mediocre practices of West in spite of having superior systems which suit our culture, habits and climate.

The trinity which saved Hinduism

Their contribution to present India is far-reaching, yet grossly neglected by our own historians who were enamoured by the western view of Indian history.

Indic way of living- Day by day

the sequence of the day compartments would be: Sadhana- Karm- Seva- Utsav. ‘A day’ lived will be full of life, engaging, enriching, nurturing and celebrating the process called life.

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