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Azam Khan dangles between to be or not to be

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What Azam Khan, Samajwadi Party MP, uttered in the Parliament was too sweet as it was the quality of Urdu language reacted none other than his wife Tazeen Fatima. He faces the rage of the ruling party members of parliament. It was really sad and bad for him. His remarks in verse were not worth gulpable to the women MPs irrespective of the party lines. Initially Azam Khan did not tender his apology amid the sharp criticism and walked out of the Lok Sabha.

However his departure did not check the wrath of the parliamentarians. It was definitely not the first time he came directly under the attack of his adversaries over his acerbic words. Though the MIM Assaduddin Owaisi jumped in his favour by taking a dig at the government. He asked about the fate of a group of ministers constituted against a wave of allegations over the sexual harassment against women in the “Me too” campaign, including against the BJP leader M J Akbar, ex-minister. But he also faced the strong voices amid din. All the development started with the couplet —tu idhar udhar ki baat na kar.

Over this line Bihar MP who was presiding over the chair in absence of the regular speaker Om Birla, asked the senior SP leader not to look to and fro and better address the Chair carefully. But his slip of tongue on eye conversation triggered acrimonious scenes. Then none present on the occasion left the chance to malign him. It was more derogatory than the reference of “Jaishankar Prasad” for a diplomat. Run down Azam looked emboldened by young Akhilesh Yadav’s full support but his fate hangs in imbalace. He finds himself between the oft-used Shakespearean line “to be or not to be.” Politics torments too if logic wanes in impromptu verbal fight.

His position has become like that bungee jumper whose desire for an adventure swiftly turned into a nightmare on snapping of rope mid-air. His remarks were gathering heat on social media with the same magnitutde as the bungee jumper plummated.

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