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Administrative unification of states under ONE INDIA spirit is must, let us support Prime Minister Narendra Modi

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India has traveled several years away from 1947. The situation, political realities and reasons in India today are completely different from that of 1947 where India was fighting for independence.  Although India has moved ahead but had to carry the heavy burden of scams, corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics, politics of maladministration, misuse of power, cutting down the freedom of people and democracy to size by then congress Prime Minister of India by promulgating emergency, tukde tukde gangs cobbling up alliance and forming government to ruin India etc., until 2014. India has really started to prosper and progress meaningfully in the direction it ought to be only after Modi has become the Prime Minister of India. 

India needs reforms and innovation in political administration of the state. In the name of federal structure, diversity, plurality, we should not lose our sight in growing India as one nation with one vision evoked by PM Modi – sab ka vikas.

Administrative unification of all states with centre is necessary where the issues of governance, public distribution system, health care, licensing norms, education policy and curriculum design, public expenditure and the appointment of highest judiciary in the state etc., must be brought under central government. States responsibility must be limited to solving local issues and frame methodologies to resolve various issues of the state. Every policy of the state government should go in sync with the national agenda or the vision of one India.

Bringing administrative unification of all states under central government will no way betray or deny the diversity and plurality of the state. Any Indian when move to other countries, they are received legally by the other country only as Indian citizen and not as from Tamil Nadu or Karnataka or Maharashtra etc. Passport issuing authority is central government agency and not the state government. Similarly the appointment of judges in higher judiciaries in the state should not be left with the state but it must be done in consultation with the central government. The PDS system must certainly follow one India, one ration card policy and only then pilferage and misuse funds meant for poor people can be prevented. Similarly the licensing norms for manufacturing of drugs, cosmetics etc., also must be governed by the centre and not by the state.  Because of the existing discrepancy, certain drug combinations are not allowed to manufacture in certain state while in some other states, they are permitted, although the situation is changing steadily.

The education policy also must be governed by the central government and not by the state governments. The reason being if the curriculum model followed by the state is not in sync with the India at large, the problem of quality difference is bound to occur. The regional parties are bound to play regional card and divisive agenda to win election. But the innocent people and the future generation shall be the victim of such dirty politics. If people are taught the curriculum with one India ethos, certainly the spirit of one India, emotional and ethical generality, consideration and kindness towards every Indian, we can develop.

Regional parties are bound to divide people by hyping hyper-regionalism and the best example is DMK in Tamil Nadu. To divert and devastate people to make huge political capital, DMK is infusing anti-Hindi sentiments by saying Hindi would eliminate Tamil language. Interestingly several top leaders of DMK are running CBSE schools in Tamil Nadu where Hindi is being taught to the students. If we ask, they would answer, personal business is different from politics.

Once the political administrative/political governance reform is brought in and the central government alone is made as the custodian of all policies of the state pertaining to national agenda of one India, not only we can stop the regional parties playing divisive politics but centre also can reform the state directly without the interference of respective state governments.

The agenda of one India we could discuss today thanks to millions of people who voted massively for PM Modi to be bold, brave and decisive in his governance. Need of the hour is the spirit and sentiments of one India and not state specific, narrow spectrum politics.

To understand it more easily we can take the example of any private school where the chairman or correspondent is the final authority. But the administrative responsibility is given to the Principal, the class teacher is the custodian of the respective classes and finally the subject teachers are responsible for the respective subjects.

Only when the power and vision of the central government enjoys supremacy over the state, India can move ahead in toto where no single state shall lag behind. But due to admitting and yielding to plurality and diversity, some states have progressed while some other states are faring far behind.  If congress party had ever invoked the spirit of one India in its long rule, the country would not have been like what it is today (prior to 2014). If the ethos of one India were strong, the development index of Tamil Nadu and Bihar would have been same today and so is the quality of education. Health care delivery system and PDS also would have been excellent today if India has ever moved strongly with the ethos of one India.

Every Indian must take up some additional responsibility and extra time to educate the society about the good and corruption free governance of Narendra Modi and his vision of one India and how such vision can transform the last man in the street.

The regional parties and tukde tukde gangs are opposing such mission of PM Modi because if digitization in administration is done and the central government become the custodian of future of India, the state government formed by most of those corrupt regional parties cannot loot the nation.  We must save India by pledging our unconditional support to PM Modi.

S Ranganathan

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