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Understanding Hindu-Muslim historical context

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media

Many secular goons say why talk and concentrate on religion it does not matter. If religion does not matter then why Christian/Muslim invaders took so many efforts to convert native Hindus to their faith! Why Tipu or Mughal took so many efforts to build mosques and convert natives into their faith.

Why Aurangzeb/Babur/Tughluq spent so much state machinery to destroy Temples? Surely religions do matter.

Speaking truth is not communal hatred. A historian cannot justify Islamic sins by saying- Oh Hindus believed in dogmatic rituals and they were divided bla…bla…bla….

I am countering as many secular lies as possible which are spoken to shame Hindus and glorify barbarism of European invaders or Islam

Akbar was secular as he had Hindu ministers

This is the most foolish argument I heard from secular ranks which says Akbar was secular just because he had some Hindu ministers in his royal court. Can you rule a Hindu majority nation without having a single Hindu bureaucrat?

Secular ranks hate Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister Uttar Pradesh! Yogi Adityanath has a Muslim minister in his council of ministers. Will secular goons accept him as Muslim loving Chief Minister?

Akbar’s father Humayun ran away after defeat from Sher Shah Suri and many Afghan mercenaries protested against him because it was believed by many that Mughal are not from Afghan descent. Even though Mughal got reinstated on Agra throne there was constant question on legitimacy of political power and therefore it was political compulsion of Akbar to say sweet words to Hindus!

Many Qazi opposed Akbar for tolerant policy towards Hindus and why he constituted marriage alliance with Hindus, this is what secular historians claim. Yes Qazi opposed him but not for the reason given by secular goons.

Even in past Arab Muslims forcibly captured and married Non-Arab ladies of Persia and African regions. It is done to convert them into Islam. Muslim clerics were angry with Akbar because he was an alcohol consumer. His son Salim (later he took Jehangir title) just swam in wine and was not interested in anything else especially in early 20s of his age.

This made Islamic clerics angry because they believe that wine is prohibited by Islam. Other than wine Akbar truly followed Islam and tried to reduce Hindu population and turn the demographic. He ordered his secret forces to capture innocent Hindu girls for slavery.

British divided Hindus and Muslims- Please do not blame Muslims!

Sayyad Ahmed Khan, founder of Aligarh Muslim movement clearly said- Both Islam and Christianity are almost same.

It indicates that there is some nexus between these two faiths! Abraham of Christianity is said Ibrahim in Islam. Daniel of Christian Bible becomes Danyal in Islam.

In 1761 when Mughal rule was very weak, suddenly Ahmad Shah Abdali came from Afghanistan. Maratha Kings were determined to throw out Mughal rule from India, Ahmad Shah Abdali started fighting Hindus. He was supported by Nawab of Awadh and other Muslim nobles.

As soon as Abdali butchered Hindus he left and reinstated Mughal! At that time British forces were stationed in Afghan borders were trying to strengthen their naval base in Western India! It clearly suggests that Britishers funded Afghan rebels to weaken Hindus!

British kept on blaming Hindus for poor conditions of Muslims in India. Winston Churchill who ignored how English butchered Irish people started blaming Brahmins for everything.

Even today Western newspapers blame India and plant fake theories to shame Hindus.

Those who question united India, never questioned Confederate States of America who rebelled against state. Will secular goons say that idea of Italy or Germany never existed and that is why Italy and Prussian episodes happened?

Do not blame Muslims for India’s partition- Only few people had right to vote.

Yes it’s true that elections of 1937 were held according to provisions of Govt of India Act, 1935 and only 14% population had right to vote. But the story still continues!

Iqbal who wrote- Saare Jahan se Achha, Hindostan Hamara, convinced Jinnah to struggle for Muslim identity politics.

Why East Bengal and West Punjab converted into Islamic state?

Although Jinnah won elections from Muslim reserved seat of Bombay, he knew that area of Bombay has phenomenal Hindu majority. North West region and East Bengal had close sizeable number of Muslims and that is why these regions became Pakistan!

Secular goons must not lie and give clean chit to Muslims. On the contrary secular goons blame Hindu Mahasbha and RSS for communal riots. We must remember that Hindu Mahasabha and RSS were not involved in provincial Government forming process, they had no political power, they were not backed by industrialists like Congress and Muslim League!

Direct action against Hindus was announced by Jinnah in Bengal. Many innocent Hindus were butchered by Muslim mobs most of them were Dalit. So do not go for fake Dalit-Muslim unity narrative.


Hindus must remember that holy place of Islam like Mecca do not exist in India and that is why their loyalty shifts towards Arab world. Arab sheikhs are buying Muslim girls in Hyderabad but tragedy is that Hindus are blamed for poor economic condition of India.

Why Muslim rulers failed to empower Muslims of India, they always presented themselves as backwards!


Arab sheikh buying Muslim girls in Hyderabad

Link on spread of Islam and their capture of Non-Arab women.

Sayyad Ahmed Khan said both Islam and Christianity are almost same!

Third battle of Panipat- Ahmed Shah Abdali helped by local Muslim Kings and he reinstated Mughal King Shah Alam II again.

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I am Pulkit Kaul who likes to do different thing in life. From Doraemon cartoon I just to watch complicated International affairs. I love to express myself and I am not a person who will be loved by mainstream media
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