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Hindu Muslim divide

Celebration or appreciation or we are just losing it !

India, the motherland as a democratic nation accommodates on her lap, children of various castes, religion irrespective of their loyalty towards her. It is...

Yes, Hindus and Muslims are separate nations

Indian Left-Liberal-Islamist intellectuals get unnecessarily hyper-excited to nullify ‘two nation theory’.

The more and more of “ISLAMIC POUND OF FLESH”

it is now Islamic attack from within India, with supports from Indian Left-Liberal intellectual terrorists and foreign countries, against the great and only living ancient civilization of Hindu India. In coming decades Indian Muslims will keep on demanding more and more of ‘Islamic pound of flesh’ from India.

Why Hindus are ‘moving out’ of Muslim majority localities

With the advent of anti-Hindu politics in states like West Bengal, Hindu community is feeling a sense of INSECURITY.

Shri Mohan Bhagwat ji’s statement- Hindus and Muslims in India share the same DNA- caused ripple effect

The RSS is perceived to be the organisation of the majority Hindus. However, the meaning of Hindutva encompasses all.

Riot and intelligentsia of India

The response to a riot is messed up in our country. The Indic Wing have a bigger responsibility.

War of delusion

Dividing India with all possible hatred through PEN and KEYBOARD.

Sheen Banyov Naar: Snow turns fire

Till we only try to treat the symptoms and not the cause, we will find no lasting solution and are doomed to repeat the Kashmiri genocide and forced exoduses around the country where the demographics change.

भारत मे समुदायों के बीच क्यों बढ़ रहा है तनाव?

धर्म का अर्थ केवल हिन्दू,मुस्लिम नही है। संस्कृत में कहा गया है "धारयति इति धर्म:" जिसका अर्थ है 'धर्म वह है जिसे धारण किया जा सके'।

Combatting Communism

Since the communists are so alarmingly entrenched with our diverse sociocultural productions, we need to seriously think of clearing this political weed from our social and cultural gardens.

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